7 Best Cake Flavor Combinations for Birthdays

7 Best Cake Flavor Combinations for Birthdays

Cakes are the perfect dessert, and what better way to celebrate your loved ones than with a cake for their special occasion? Cakes are used at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,s and promotions. Of all these, birthday cakes are the most common. Kids and adults alike look forward to their birthday cakes with equal gusto. 

Today, you have your choice of cakes available within a few hours of notice. There are myriad flavors to choose from, and they come in different combinations of flavors as well. In spite of these many combinations, not all flavors work together, and getting the combination wrong can result in the cake not tasting as good as it was intended to be. 

The birthday cake is the highlight of a birthday celebration, and when you are getting the cake, it is up to you to decide what flavor you will be opting for. While it is good to keep your target audience in mind, there are flavor combinations that appeal to kids and adults alike, and these range from more traditionally classic flavors to modern ones. Read on to find out some of the best flavor combinations that are available at Cake Buzz, for the next time you have to get someone a birthday cake.

7. Fruit and Vanilla

A vanilla sponge is one of the classic cakes that have been a hit from time immemorial. Vanilla sponges are a universal favorite. These cakes are versatile and can make wonderful combinations with almost any flavor. A simple vanilla sponge can go a long way when it comes to making a delectable treat. Combine this with some fresh whipped cream, praline, or fruit-based sauces to take it up a notch. 

Another way to bring some zing to it is to add a fruit-based cream to a vanilla sponge base. This flavor combination works well with rich fruits like mango and strawberry and tangy ones like orange. Finishing off with some white chocolate garnish adds a finish that is drool-worthy. Since vanilla is a flavor that combines well with most flavors, fruit-based creams, which is a combination of whipping cream or buttercream with fruit preserves, can go a long way to making an occasion even more special. 

Our first recommendation from this category is Strawberry Love. With a vanilla sponge covered in strawberry frosting and finished with white chocolate chips, you will have everyone at the birthday party lining up for a second helping. The strawberry preserve used in this comes from fresh strawberries made into a preserve and stored at the right temperature to ensure maximum goodness. 

The Exotic Mango is another popular choice with the smoothness of the king of fruits, combined with a dark chocolate garnish that works wonders in this combination. Mango puree, made from the freshest mangoes in summer and stored in-house, goes into making this delectable cake. Every bite will be a burst of summer in your mouth. You can enjoy the king of fruits at any time of the year with this beautiful cake. 

Our orange cakes are made with the freshest fruits available in the market and burst with flavor. Citrusy oranges are usually paired with cheesecakes. However, they go well with vanilla-based cakes, as the sweetness of vanilla complements the tart nature of oranges, creating a flavor combination that is difficult to match. 

And then on to pineapple – who doesn’t like a quintessential pineapple and vanilla combination? Choose from any of our offerings – Pineapple Delight, Pineapple Flakes, or the Pineapple Cake, and you will not go wrong.

6. Berry and cheese

Cheesecakes are all the rage, and a cheesecake with a fresh berry compote makes for a delightful birthday cake. A cheesecake is a no-bake dessert that is tart, sweet, light, airy, and all things fabulous. Cream cheese is usually whipped with white chocolate and cream to achieve a creamy base. 

For those looking for a cake that is off the beaten track, for a birthday boy or girl who believes in doing things differently, berry cheesecakes are the ultimate choice. The most preferred choices for fruit-based cheesecakes are strawberry, orange, and blueberry. Since blueberries are challenging, most bakers use artificial compote or preserve. Nowadays, blueberry preserves are the rage. An in-house blueberry preserve made using fresh blueberries combined with a blueberry sauce can change the way you look at cheesecakes. 

Cake Buzz offers a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. This creamy goodness is topped off with fresh blueberries in a delightful sauce. Our secret recipe guarantees that you enjoy every bite. The tartness of the blueberries goes well with the tartness of the cream cheese to offset the sweetness in the sauce, making it a perfectly balanced cake that is well enjoyed by everyone who orders it.

5. Red Velvet and Cream Cheese:

One of the most popular cakes in recent times, the red velvet is known for its deep red color and melt-in-the-mouth feel. The red velvet cake gets its signature texture from a chemical reaction during the batter-making process, where vinegar is added. Although made from cocoa powder, the signature red color makes this heavenly cake what it is. 

Add the fresh cream or cream cheese frosting that goes onto the cake. Copious amounts of frosting between the layers make this cake the superstar it is. Adults love it for the flavor; kids are mesmerized by the color. And everyone loves how it seems to dance on the tongue like the best velvet would on the skin.  

Cake Buzz offers the Red Velvet and the Red Velvet Delight. While the Red Velvet is a traditional red velvet cake with fresh cream frosting, the Red Velvet Delight takes the whole experience to another level with a generous dusting of red velvet flakes on top. Both of these are sure to be a hit at any birthday party you bring them to.

4. Coffee and Chocolate:

Coffee lovers out there- is there anything that says ‘Pick-me-up’ as coffee does? Like bread and butter, idli and chutney, biryani and raita, the coffee-chocolate love story has gone on for so long nobody knows how it all started. But then, when something is so heavenly, do we need an origin story? 

This is a combination that is straight from the heavens. Coffee and chocolate are a pairing that is divine beyond words, from that fresh morning cup of coffee straight to your cake. Coffee brings out the other flavors, making the chocolate taste even better. What’s more, they even make the others look good! Add some orange to coffee and chocolate, and orange is suddenly glamorous. Add some roasted nuts, and they are glorious! Coffee and chocolate are a flavor combination that you can order for an adult whenever you doubt. You could never go wrong (unless said adult belongs to the minuscule percentage of people allergic to caffeine and cacao). 

Cake Buzz has three cakes for the coffee lovers out there: Choco Mocha, Creamy Mocha, and Mocha Cake. While each of them uses the coffee and chocolate combination in their way, irrespective of what you choose, be assured of the kick of coffee and the deliciousness of chocolate in every bite. 

The Choco Mocha cake is made with the finest cocoa combined with high-quality coffee. Our signature choco mocha buttercream layered a moist chocolate cake with a whiff of coffee. This cream is a beautiful combination of chocolate and coffee. 

True to its name, the creamy mocha cake is a creamy delicacy that is a favorite for various occasions. A rich, moist chocolate cake covered with creamy mocha buttercream, this cake comes with an all-around dripping of chocolate ganache to add to the rich taste and feel of the cake.

3. Vanilla and Chocolate:

Another classic combination, these two words can only mean one thing: black forest. The black forest has been kids’ favorite ever since they first tasted it. It is sure to be an instant hit at your birthday party. Even adults love the moist chocolate cake that makes up this insanely soft cake. 

Black forest cakes are timeless classics that will be around even when newer, more scintillating flavors come into the market. Although the black forest cake has undergone a few changes over the years and from country to country, the essence of this remains the same- the flavor combination of moist chocolate cake with cherry liqueur and vanilla cream that is silky smooth. The cherries that you bite into between layers and those lovely sugar-dipped cherries on top of the cake add to the whole nostalgic feel of this cake.  

Order our classic Black Forest if you want the classic black forest flavor. Moist chocolate cake layered with vanilla buttercream with cherries in the mix, this cake is finished off with vanilla frosting and chocolate flakes on top. Of course, there is no better black forest, except our Black Forest Redefined. The Black Forest Redefined is our modernized version of the classic, with the same ingredients, in a more modern form. If you want to experiment with your classic, try our Black Forest with Mixed Fruits topped off with fresh fruits and nuts to add another dimension of flavor.

2. Hazelnut and Chocolate

If you have ever eaten Nutella, you know what we’re on about here. Hazelnut and chocolate are a combination that will never go out of style. The nuttiness of the hazelnut complements dark chocolate so that no other two flavors can complement each other. Case in point- Ferrero Rocher chocolates- there is something so special about biting into a hazelnut when your mouth is full of chocolate. 

Hazelnut and chocolate go so well together we at Cake Buzz decided to dedicate a cake to this combination. Try our Awesome Hazelnut, which comes with a chocolate sponge layered with hazelnut milk chocolate ganache. This unique ganache comes with the delicious taste of hazelnuts in milk chocolate. If this weren’t enough, it is topped off with hazelnut cream and loads of the nuts themselves. One bite and you will be transported to another world, we promise!

1. Chocolate on chocolate:

Nothing says decadence like chocolate. The only thing better is more chocolate. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache with chocolate frosting? Check. The one flavor that is sold the most when it comes to birthday parties is chocolate cakes and will be the go-to cake for kids and adults alike. 

If you are choosing chocolate cakes, you have a whole range of options to choose from. We offer moist chocolate cakes topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate cream frosting, chocolate truffles garnished with more dark chocolate, chocolate drippings, chocolate shavings; well, you get the gist. 

Cakebuzz offers a variety of chocolate cakes that are pure indulgence: Pure Chocolate Truffle, Nutty Chocolate, Pure Truffle, Truffle Man, and combinations like Exotic Almonds and Truffle. All of these are designed for the chocolate lover, and there is no way you will stop with a mouthful of this decadent goodness.  

You can contact us at Cake Buzz if you want to customize your cakes. We would be thrilled to listen to your ideas and offer you suggestions on how best to execute them. We also offer various delivery options, making it easy for you to plan your loved ones’ birthday parties. We love creating new flavors and flavor combinations for you, and we hope that you enjoy our cakes as much as you enjoy your parties. 

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