Top 5 Best Birthday Cakes For 8 Year Old Boy

Top 5 Best Birthday Cakes For 8 Year Old Boy?

It’s the little man’s birthday! After looking forward to it, planning, and counting down the days, your little eight-year-old is eager to enjoy his day to the fullest. Along with the many gifts that he has asked for, his birthday cake will make this birthday extra special. 

A birthday cake is always a memory that children cherish. Birthday cakes are available in various flavors, but which one to get for your eight-year-old boy? You are left with many questions-

  • Do we buy him a cake that has his favorite characters?
  • Should his cake be in a particular shape?
  • Would he like a certain flavor?
  • Should we choose a combination of flavors?
  • Do we order two different cakes?

Nowadays, smash cakes are in vogue. You can use these to put the birthday candles on. This way, the birthday boy can blow on the cake and not worry about spreading any microbes. A smash cake is a great idea if you plan to apply some cake on the birthday boy’s face as well. The big cake remains intact. The smash cake will serve your purpose. 

Eight-year-old kids usually have superheroes or favorite cartoon characters. They would like their birthday party to have this theme. The Avengers, a particular character from a series, dinosaurs, animal figurines, jungle gym, and so on are some favorite themes. Most bakers create figurines for cakes and also help with designing theme-based cakes. At Cake Buzz, our cake designers love to explore new ways to make your child’s birthday more memorable than ever. 

Here we have a curated list of the best ones from Cake Buzz that will make him jump with joy:

5. Choco Truffle:

Pure choco truffle

Chocolate cakes are universally popular. Most kids and adults alike enjoy a chocolate cake. There are many chocolate cakes, and they come with different names. They are also made in various ways. Delicious chocolate cakes that make you want more come laden with chocolatey goodness. A chocolate truffle is one of the most sought-after chocolate cakes. The chocolate cake that makes the one at Cake Buzz so unique is sweet and has a texture that you won’t forget soon. It melts into your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Chocolate truffles usually use a ganache made with cream, usually with whipped cream and dark chocolate. This ganache is spread between layers of moist chocolate cake. It is also the crumb and final coating of the cake. 

There are many dairy-free whipping cream options, such as the truffle. The truffle has a mirror-like chocolate glaze that highlights its beauty. Decorating the chocolate truffle is another characteristic that makes it stand out from other chocolate cakes. We use chocolate leaves, shavings, garnish with sprinkles or edible pearls.

The chocolate glaze can cover the entire surface of the cake. It can also be a drizzle, like the one on Cake Buzz’s chocolate truffle. The drizzle could be on one side of the cake, or it could ooze down from the top to all the sides. Choosing this option gives your guests the choice of how much chocolate they want to consume. There will be cake slices with a little glaze for those who do not want too much. 

The chocolate truffle is a cake for all ages. It is classic and delicious. It is also versatile. It caters to people of all ages. Your 8-year-old that loves chocolate will love this cake.

At Cake Buzz, we also offer customization options for chocolate truffle cakes. Do get in touch with us for the same. 

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4. Oreo Cake

Oreo Cake

Ever since Oreo came on the market, they have been the go-to cream-filled cookies for kids. Kids seem to love to take them apart and lick the cream in the middle. What better way to celebrate Oreos than by making cakes with them? Oreo cakes are one of Cake Buzz’s bestsellers. Oreo cakes are a crowd puller for kids’ birthday parties. 

The Oreo cake comes with Oreo biscuits as part of the cake batter. It also has a frosting that combines the goodness of vanilla, whipping cream, and Oreo cream. As if that wasn’t sinful enough, the chefs at Cake Buzz like to decorate the cake with Oreo cookies. We also have a secret that we can tell you now… we add a generous (ahem, very generous) sprinkle of crushed Oreo cookies to our frosting. We can also add crushed Oreo cookies to decorate your cake, along with broken ones. 

Cake Buzz also offers customization options. If you require a specific look, we will be glad to cater if given enough time. So, do get in touch with us in advance if you want a particular look while choosing an Oreo cake. 

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3. Bomb Cake:

Chocolate Bomb Cake

This might be the most trending cake out there right now. You might have come across bomb cakes when scrolling through social media. A bomb opens up to reveal a cake inside. They have become quite a craze. The bomb cake is popular because of the surprise element, as you do not know what is inside until the bomb opens up. This unique cake is an entertainer for kids. 

The bomb cake comes with a candle on top. The birthday boy can light up the candle and wait for it to burn down. This is similar to the fuse of a bomb. Children who love watching cartoons can identify with this one. Instead of the BOOM of a bomb bursting, the bomb opens up to reveal their birthday surprise. 

Cake Buzz offers bomb cakes in various flavors like red velvet, vanilla, butterscotch, truffle, blueberry, black currant, pineapple, and black forest. You can also have layered cakes inside the bomb. Our signature cakes can be customized to be kept inside the bomb. So, you can pick your favorite cake from a wide assortment to make the occasion even more special.

The ‘bomb’ is made of food-grade plastic. The bomb cake comes with five pieces, four flaps, and a base on which the cake is kept. The four flaps open outwards to reveal the cake. These flaps come together at the top. At the bottom, they are held in place by hinges on the base of the bomb. There is a ‘firecracker stick’ that needs to be lit. Once you light the stick, the flaps open slowly. 

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2. KitKat Cake:

kit kat cake

Remember how much we loved eating Kitkat? The same goes for your 8-year-old boy. That sharp crack when it breaks, the crunch, and then that mouth-watering chocolate! If we have got you drooling already, you are in great company. Kitkat cake is a chocolate lover’s dream, one of our best-sellers. It is usually a round cake. Kitkat fingers line the cake. So, you get a cake that has a lovely Kitkat wall for a border.

Usually, we use a chocolate cake for this one. Gooey, moist chocolate cake contrasts with the crunch of Kitkat. We have a few options for frosting. You can choose from chocolate ganache to milder milk chocolate frosting. We also add crunchy bits of Kitkat to add the oomph factor to your cake. We add a decadent glaze to make the cake look like a delicious pool of gooey chocolate waiting for you to dive into. 

If you are looking to customize this cake, you have many options. Since the cake resembles a puddle of the most decadent chocolate, you could add a few sugar figurines to make a story. This cake is ideal for making a jungle gym. It is also the perfect background for an Avengers-themed cake or even a Spiderman, Hulk, or Batman theme. 

Kitkat cakes are indulgent. You can make them more indulgent by adding more chocolates. M&Ms, Gems, truffles, dragging, and nut pops are some options. You can also add chocolate shavings and nuts. Like we said, sinful decadence is not too far away when you order a Kitkat cake. At Cake Buzz, we also give you an option to surprise your little ones with a hidden stash of chocolates inside the cake. So, when the birthday boy cuts his cake, he will have a cascade of little chocolates surprising him and his ecstatic little friends. 

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1. F1 Cake:

f1 cake

For the 8-year-old who loves cars and playing with his model cars, look no further than the F1 Cake. One of our signature cakes with a mini racetrack and cars on top of the cake is every little boy’s dream cake. The F1 cake is infinitely customizable. 

Flavors available in the F1 include our best-selling flavors like the Black Forest, White Forest, Pure Chocolate, Butterscotch, Mango, Strawberry, and many more. The cake comes covered in frosting with the racetrack on top. Customize the cake with your boy’s favorite colors for the cars on top. We can also add a chequered flag to add to the overall look of the cake and make it feel more authentic. 

If you prefer fondant for the modeling of the race track, we would be willing to do the same for you. 

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Every cake at Cake Buzz comes with the promise of quality. We use the best ingredients so that you and your loved ones do not compromise your health. Since custom cakes come with food colors, we make sure to use the best food-grade colors. We also work towards bringing your ideas to life. In this way, you can have your ideas for your son’s birthday brought to fruition. 

Cake Buzz is your friendly partner when it comes to planning birthday surprises. We work hand-in-hand with you to give you the most memorable cakes to have the most special birthdays. 

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