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Top 10 Best Anniversary Cakes?

Top 10 Best Anniversary Cakes

Remember the day you took vows to live together, cherish each other and be there for each other in sickness and health? How could one forget one of the most important days of a person’s life? Cake Buzz loves to celebrate your occasions, and we have curated some of the best cakes you can order to celebrate your special day together. 

Every cake we bake at Cake Buzz is special. We like to cater to your tastes and entice your taste buds always to crave cake. Our cakes are made with the best ingredients. Our chefs work relentlessly. 

1. Red velvet delight

Red Velvet – is the color that represents love. A red velvet cake is a delightful way to celebrate your years of togetherness. Red velvet cakes are trendy because of their texture and taste. We use the most delicate cocoa powder in our red velvet cakes. The color is usually because of red food coloring and the reaction when we add vinegar. All our food colors are of the best quality. 

Red velvet cakes come with a sweet-sour pairing of cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting that we use for our red velvet cakes contains soft cream cheese beaten with icing sugar, to give you a cake that melts in your mouth. 

This cake is one of our most popular cakes for those who do not want loads of chocolate. The mild flavor of cocoa, mixed with the cream cheese frosting, makes for a delicious treat. Red velvet cakes are not a universal taste The muted chocolate with the tang of whichever sour agent your baker is adding, along with the most beautiful cream cheese frosting! Need we say more?  They are not overly sweet, have more than one flavor profile, and are red. How much better can a cake get?

These cakes usually come with a simple cream cheese frosting. The cake itself is a red, airy, and light flavor bomb. So, if you are expecting a character-less cake with almost no taste, then you are in for a surprise. Red velvet cakes have cocoa and buttermilk or vinegar. The sour agent is what makes it so light and fluffy. It is also the surprise element when you bite into the cake. The subtle tartness of the cake then mixes with the glorious cream cheese frosting to give you one of the best textures in the history of pastry. 

Some bakers like to add pistachios to enhance the flavor of the red velvet cakes. At Cake Buzz, we like to keep it simple so you can relish the authentic taste of the cake. However, we are open to customization. 

2. Black forest redefined

Your marriage brings you surprises every day. There is nothing monotonous or mundane about your life together. The fun, the laughter, the fights, patching up, everything about your marriage is excellent. A black forest cake is a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary.

Our Black Forest Redefined is an excellent cake for occasions. It is the ultimate combination of flawless, moist chocolate cake with amazing vanilla cream frosting. Every perfect layer of this cake is smothered in vanilla frosting to give you the ideal blend of tastes. A simple, no-fuss frosting means that you have a simple cake with no frills. This is for those of you who do not want to bring out the big guns but still want to celebrate the essence of your relationship.

We love to spruce up the cake with some chocolate shavings, chocolate chips, and shards to appeal to all your guests. For many people, black forest cakes induce nostalgia. It is the cake that they would choose if they wanted to spend no time choosing a cake. 

There are layers of moist chocolate cake, with white or vanilla frosting and cherries in between, covered with white frosting and chocolate shavings! Is your mouth watering yet? Black forest cakes have evolved over the years, and our black forest reloaded is no different for modernization. 

3. Butterscotch overloaded

Butterscotch is a universal favorite. Imagine a butterscotch cake with a light chocolate drizzle or a garnish with chocolate ganache. Bliss, don’t you think? Chocolate is wonderful, but to bite into a slice of cake, and feel the crunch of butterscotch praline while the cake melts in your mouth, is the best way to celebrate your anniversary. Our butterscotch Overloaded cake is one of those must-try cakes that we could not recommend enough. We love the fantastic combination of cream, praline, and butterscotch sauce that this cake is made of. 

This cake has a super soft, melt-in-your-mouth vanilla sponge doused in butterscotch sauce and vanilla frosting. The cake comes covered in butterscotch frosting, with a generous dash of butterscotch sauce and a covering of butterscotch praline. Add a dash of chocolate ganache, and there, you have heaven on a platter. Have an outpouring of love with our Butterscotch Overloaded. This anniversary cake will never go wrong (unless he is a die-hard chocolate lover and has a nut allergy). 

Butterscotch cakes are a notch above the regular cakes that everyone chooses- chocolate-based ones and fruit-based cakes. They have that mind-boggling factor-the mouth-watering cashews. Butterscotch is usually made by caramelizing sugar with cashews or other nuts and breaking it into smaller pieces or crumbly powder. It is a labor of love to get the caramelization right. The butterscotch pieces are wonderful when in your mouth. There is a lovely crackle that it has. When you bite into a slice of butterscotch cake, you can relish the creamy texture of the cake and frosting and then enjoy the crunch of the caramel. 

Most bakers create their versions of butterscotch cake. The basic cake is a vanilla sponge. Some creators believe in going the extra mile for their beloved customers. So, they add some butterscotch sauce to the cake batter. This makes the cake more butterscotch-y. 

For the frosting, a Swiss meringue vanilla frosting, a vanilla dairy-free topping, or a simple vanilla frosting will go a long way. But what makes it top-notch is when the frosting gets a liberal dose of butterscotch on it. At Cake Buzz, we like to coat our cakes with butterscotch praline so that you get the right amount of flavor. Our Butterscotch Delight has a generous dribble of butterscotch sauce as well. If required, we add some chocolate sauce to the topping as well. 

4. Exotic mango

Warm, tropical climates, beaches, vacations- think of a vacation, and something sunny and tropical comes to mind. We cannot pack the beach in a cake, but we can give you the next best thing- mango. For the couple that loves to experiment and live outside the box, our Exotic Mango is the perfect definition of your marriage. 

The soothing taste of mango combines with light vanilla cream to offset your taste buds. The chocolate garnish also accentuates the mango; we make your cake extra special. The mango flavoring comes from pureed and preserved mangoes. We do not use artificial mango flavoring in our cakes. This cake is the kind that goes above and beyond as you do for your spouse. 

5. Exotic Almonds and truffle

What makes chocolate taste even better? You got that right- nuts. Almonds always have a special place in desserts. Whether they are used to make a refreshing drink to welcome guests or are used in traditional Indian sweets, badam or almonds make everything taste better and take the sweets up a level. 

Our Exotic Almonds and truffle cake are no different. You have heard of the quintessential truffle. The way our truffles fly off the shelves is enough for us to know what a favorite it is among our clients. But, if you haven’t tasted our Exotic Almonds and Truffle, you are missing out on a vital piece of deliciousness. 

Chocolate truffles usually use a chocolate ganache made with cream. This ganache comes with whipped cream and dark chocolate. This ganache is spread between layers of moist chocolate cake. It is also the crumb and final coating of the cake. 

This is a moist and decadent chocolate sponge topped with a fantastic chocolate ganache between the layers. Coated in chocolate ganache and a mirror glaze, this cake is amazing on the palate. This is topped with some toasted almonds and generous piping of chocolate ganache. This adds to the flavor. The contrast between the crunch of the toasted almonds and chocolate creates one of the best flavor bursts that you can experience. 

6. Mocha cake

Coffee, chocolate, and cake- can adulting sound any better? Our mocha cake is a visual delight. It is also one of the best treats for your tastebuds. Layers of chocolate cake with a rich buttercream frosting with notes of coffee- the best espresso you can find, and vanilla. Is your mouth watering yet? 

The rich, moist chocolate cake that forms the base of this delightful cake is spruced up with some coffee. Once the cake has soaked in all the goodness of the espresso, we add a layer of frosting to complete each layer. This frosting is a fantastic mocha frosting combining whipped cream and coffee. The cake is then covered with layers of frosting. A simple Swiss meringue buttercream or whipped cream frosting adds to this cake’s yummy feel and taste. 

7. Heart Pinata

You have heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but have you ever thought of making a cake of it? The anniversary heart pinata cake from Cake Buzz is a show-stealer. It is beautiful to look at, has the right mix of crunchy and soft, and is the most fun cake for your anniversary. As the name signifies, the cake comes in the shape of a 3-dimensional heart. 

The ‘case’ is a crunchy encasing of tempered chocolate. At Cake Buzz, we use red to make it as aesthetic as possible. Edible glitter is also an addition to the heart. We have options for customization- you can add edible pearls, chocolate shavings, or sauce to add to the look of your cake. 

The cake within the ‘heart’ is a decadent chocolate cake. It comes with chocolate ganache between layers of cake. The delicious chocolate cake comes in layers. You can choose a buttercream frosting instead of ganache. 

The best part of this cake is that it comes with a hammer. The hammer is to smash the chocolate heart casing. You can have a fun time breaking it up into tiny pieces or smashing the heart with a single swing of the hammer. Then, it is time to indulge-in moist, melt-in-your-mouth cake with the crunch of the tempered chocolate. Believe us, with this heart pinata cake; you will be taking anniversary celebrations to a whole new level. 

8. White forest

White chocolate on a decadent vanilla sponge, topped with white chocolate shavings and cherries, this cake is a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary. Usually, white forests also come with cherry-flavored fillings between the layers, but we prefer our signature white chocolate and whipped cream frosting to brighten the occasion. 

The white chocolate is sourced from some of the best farmers in Madagascar. We infuse it with the best vanilla extract to create a frosting out of this world. Try our white forest cake to have an anniversary celebration like no other. 

9. Bomb cake

Bomb cakes seem to have taken over social media. A bomb opens up to reveal a cake inside. The bomb cake is popular because of the surprise element, as you do not know what is inside until the bomb opens up. This unique cake is loved by kids and adults alike. Just like your marriage is full of surprises, this cake comes with a surprise cake inside the plastic bomb.  

Cake Buzz offers bomb cakes in various flavors like red velvet, vanilla, butterscotch, truffle, blueberry, black currant, pineapple, and black forest. You can also have layered cakes inside the bomb. Our signature cakes can be customized to be kept inside the bomb. So, you can pick your favorite cake from a wide assortment to make the occasion even more special.

The ‘bomb’ is made of food-grade plastic. The bomb cake comes with five pieces, four flaps, and a base on which the cake is kept. The four flaps open outwards to reveal the cake. These flaps come together at the top. At the bottom, they are held in place by hinges on the base of the bomb. There is a ‘firecracker stick’ that needs to be lit. Once you light the stick, the flaps open slowly. 

10. Blackcurrant drippings

Fruit-based cakes have been around for a long time. They have been the choice for those who are not overly fond of chocolate or butterscotch. Blackcurrant drippings are one of the most popular cakes on our menu. 

This cake is aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful way to celebrate your day. A different flavor compared to what you usually have on anniversaries and other occasions, the blackcurrant cake comes with a frosting that contains the flavor and has a good violet frosting that would make anyone curious and excited about the cake. 

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