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Choco butterscotch cake


Order Butterscotch Cake Online in Coimbatore

Butterscotch is a rich and unique flavour. It’s often not everyone’s first choice. But once you get your first taste, you won’t want any other cake flavour. The Butterscotch cake from Cake Buzz is especially rich and tastes like a bite of heaven. It will be the best butterscotch cake you’ll ever have. We use premium quality butter and brown sugar to make our butterscotch sauce.

We have various flavour combinations of our butterscotch cake. We have a choco butterscotch cake that combines the rich flavours of cocoa and butterscotch. Our butterscotch overload cake is not for the faint of heart. It is rich and buttery and has the slightest hint of bitterness in a butterscotch cake. Our incredible butterscotch cakes in online is the best cake you’ll ever have. It combines the flavours of vanilla and butterscotch to give you a melt-in-your-mouth creation.

Send Lip-Smacking Butterscotch Cake Online for Festivals or Ocassions

You can order butterscotch cakes online from Cake Buzz. We make all of our cakes with only the best ingredients. So you can enjoy your special day with our butterscotch cake. When ordering your cake, you can specify the weight of the cake you want. We have butterscotch cakes ranging from 500 gms to 3 kgs. Make your butterscotch cake order online at least one day prior if you want a large cake.

You can also place your butterscotch cake order through Zomato. Zomato delivery from Cake Buzz is available in and around Singanallur, Ganapathy, and Ramanathapuram in Coimbatore. You can get butterscotch cakes in a tiered version as well. We ensure the safe delivery of all your cakes and ensure no mishaps occur while transporting.

Why Choose Us to Order Butterscotch Cakes?

Cake Buzz is synonymous with quality. Our bakers have tried, tested, and perfected their recipes. So, as a result, the cake you eat will taste exquisite. We use only the fresh and best ingredients for baking. And you can taste the freshness when you eat a cake from Cake Buzz. Because it is so fresh, our cakes also last longer if you have any leftovers.

We can customise the cake however you want it. We can make a tiered, square, circle, or heart-shaped butterscotch cakes. Tiered cakes look good for occasions like a wedding or engagements. But if you’re serving to a mid-sized gathering, then a square cake is the best. Heart-shaped butterscotch cakes are a good choice for celebrating an anniversary or for valentine’s day.

Cake Buzz helps you celebrate even better with our midnight delivery service. You can reach out to us at 9655449210 to place a midnight order. We will deliver the cake after 11.30 pm, which gives you enough time to set up the surprise without your loved one knowing. Since we make our cakes on the day of the event, we assure you that they will be fresh when you cut into them.

Midnight Delivery for Butterscotch Cakes Online in Coimbatore

For those unforgettable moments that demand a surprise at midnight, our "Midnight Online Cake Delivery" is the perfect solution. We understand the magic of these moments, and we're here to make them even more special with a delectable cake and also can make bookings at midnight to make a surprise online butterscotch cake delivery in Coimbatore on special day for your special one.

Buy Fresh Butterscotch Cakes Online for Wedding Anniversary 

We sell delicious online anniversary Butter scotch cakes  at your doorstep home or surprise delivery in and around Coimbatore. Whether you're looking for a romantic butterscotch cake to order in online, we’ve got an anniversary cakes to match your unique love story. Ordering is easy, and at Cake Buzz, we're not just baking cakes; we're crafting memorable moments to make your wedding/anniversary celebration extra special.

Best Online Butter Scotch Cake Shop Coimbatore

Our "Online Butterscotch Cake Order" process is designed with simplicity in mind. Ordering a cake has never been this easy. Just a few clicks and your cake will be on its way to your doorstep within just 3 hours. Place your butterscotch cakes online order with us today and experience the joy of our delectable creations. Your happiness is our greatest reward.  In addition, we also provide online cake delivery to various areas in Coimbatore including GanapathyTown HallPeelameduKuniyamuthurGandhipuramR.S.Puram, etc.


  1. Where do you do butterscotch cake delivery?

    We deliver to areas in and around Coimbatore. We have stores in Singanallur, Ramanathapuram, and Ganapathy. You can place your butterscotch cake order online, and the branch closest to you will complete the delivery.

  2. Do you customize butterscotch cakes?

    Yes, all of our cakes are customisable. Just get on a call with us to relay your expectations. We can then design the cake of your dreams together. If you’re ordering a customized cake, we recommend placing the order for at least 3 days.

  3. How much do eggless cakes cost?

    If you want an eggless version of any cake, it costs Rs.100 extra for all cake sizes.