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The glorious red velvet cake stands out bright amongst the sea of white and brown cakes. Red velvet cakes are some of the best to celebrate occasions like anniversaries or mother’s day. We have a variety of red velvet cakes that you can order online at Cake Buzz. 

Our red velvet cakes are made with top-quality ingredients. It has the authentic taste of a proper red velvet cake, not just a white cake dyed red. Our cream cheese frosting is one of the best you’ll ever taste. That’s why you should buy red velvet cakes online from Cake Buzz. 

Buy Red Velvet Cake Online

Red velvet cakes are one of the most popular at Cake Buzz. We ensure that the deep red of the cake pops against the yellowish-white of the cream cheese. So it’s both a feast for your eyes and your taste buds. 

You can buy red velvet cakes online through our website or Zomato. We will deliver the red velvet cake at your convenience. All of our cakes are made to order. So every red velvet cake you buy from Cake Buzz is fresh from the oven. 

We also make heart-shaped red velvet cakes. This is the perfect cake to surprise your spouse for your anniversary or birthday. The deep red of the heart-shaped cake exudes a romantic feel that’s perfect for an anniversary. 

You can also order a red velvet birthday cake online. This cake will be a different experience from the usual chocolate or black forest cake orders.

What’s Special About Our Red Velvet Cakes

The most significant part of a red velvet cake is the deep red colour of the cake base. Traditionally, the colour is derived from an unprocessed type of cocoa powder. But the deep red colour can be achieved through cherry juice or red food colouring. With too much food colouring, the cake may taste artificial. 

Our red velvet cake has the authentic taste of a traditional red velvet cake. We use only a small amount of food colouring, but the other colouring agents are natural. So it doesn’t skew the taste of the cake. Our red velvet cake is moist and crumbly. This, when paired with our rich cream cheese frosting, makes it the best cake experience you’ll ever have. 

You can also order our red velvet cake online as a tiered cake. The stacked cake will be sufficient to serve a large gathering, such as a wedding. Our tiered red velvet cake stands tall. It is filled with high-quality cream cheese that’s not overly sweet. It will be the perfect accompaniment to our delicious cake.