Our story may sound like yet another regular one, with a burning passion, some climbers, and pitfalls, but what’s different is that never for a second did we think of giving up on our dreams. The winds blew the hardest, the storm was yet to pass, and in fact, our ray of sunshine (Cake Buzz) was conceived in the storm. Now, here we are, proudly saying, we braced through it all!

Cake Buzz was born with the mission of being a part of our customers’ celebration by catering with superior quality cakes. We are the first bakery in Coimbatore, providing customized cake services. In this era of personalization being the key to customer success, we focus on tailor-made cakes where the customers can choose how they want their cake to be – right from the shape, to the flavor and even the toppings. We strive for excellence in quality without compromising on quantity and affordability.

Our Story

“What started as a small café by five hungry (for accomplishment) youngsters and their passion to become a restaurateur has today transformed into one of Coimbatore’s favorite Bakery. We were previously called Sabas Café, a small hub for all those who wanted a break. The cafe had seen umpteen smiles, celebrations, get-togethers, sharing of loves, patch-ups, budding friendships. But slowly things changed, Sabas Café had its share of falls, but our cakes, they were still making a name. And that’s when we brainstormed our vision for the business – Cake Buzz.”
– Mohammed Imran Badusha, Co-founder – Cake Buzz