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Customized Cakes in Coimbatore

With our Customized Cakes in Coimbatore, you can delight in the sweetness of customization. Run your imagination to wild at Coimbatore's premier Customized Cake shop.

Customized Cake Shop In Coimbatore

Cakes are one of the best ways to express how we feel about our loved ones and wish them on a special occasion. Our friends and family deserve the cutest cakes that show them how much they are loved. Online orders are the norm to surprise friends and family with a delivery at a specific time.

Coimbatore’s Cake Buzz ensures every cake is custom-made according to each individual’s preference. With a variety of cakes to choose from that suit every occasion and will appeal to the most discerning of taste-buds, Cake Buzz has emerged as the forerunner in choices when it comes to online customized cake delivery in Coimbatore. Home delivery is available throughout the day, and what better way to surprise someone on their birthday than with a cake at midnight? Cake Buzz accepts online orders for midnight cake delivery in Coimbatore.

Be it wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, engagement cakes, birthday cakes, kids’ theme cakes, theme cakes, photo cakes, celebration cakes, or anything else that you can think of, the team at Cake Buzz is ready for your custom order. Cake Buzz is the best-customized cake shop in Coimbatore with budget-friendly cost. Whatever celebration it may be choose cake Buzz to make the event memorable with our Customized cake, a customized cake can make any occasion extra special, and Cake Buzz offers customized cakes in Coimbatore for any occasion.

Cake Buzz is the best option for customization cakes with more varieties. It’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a special event. Our Customized cakes in Coimbatore come in different flavors, fillings, and sizes, with everything from traditional buttercream frosting to fondant creations. We also have vegan, eggless, and gluten-free options for our customers who are concerned about their health.

If you have a question about where can I buy a customized cake in Coimbatore? Then Cake Buzz is the right choice. The freshest ingredients are used by our team for making a delicious cake. We create a cake in different sizes, shapes, or styles. At our custom cake shop, our customized cake price is very reasonable with countless options, including photo cakes and theme cakes.

Steps To Customize Your Occasional Cakes

  • Enquire online or call @ +919043430973 to know about customization cakes.
  • Share your flavor, design & weight.
  • We customize your cake with amazing design and delicious taste.
  • Get your custom cakes online now delivered at your doorstep.

Let’s make your celebration a joyous and enduring event. You can always get assistance from our staff in choosing the perfect cake for your occasion. So, if you’re in Coimbatore and searching for the best-customized cake shop there? Then choose Cake Buzz for something special, delicious, and handcrafted cakes that are made just for you.


1) Do you sell sugar free Customized cakes? 

We offer sugar-free customized cakes on the request of customer. We also have vegan, eggless, and gluten-free options for our customers who are concerned about their health. 

2) Can I customize my cake? 

Yes you can customize cakes in different sizes, shape, or style. Our customized cakes in Coimbatore come in a different flavours, fillings, and sizes. 

3) How can I order a customize cake? 

Yes you can order a customize cake online in Coimbatore. To order a customized cake, you can contact 9043430973 or you can place an order in online for fastest cake delivery services. You can choose the size, flavour, design, and personal message to be written on the cake. 

4) What is the minimum weight for customisation? 

We start customizing cakes from minimum weight of 1 kg or as per your requirements. It is best to enquire about the weight and specific establishment for custom cakes.

5) How many days in advance should I place my order for customized cake? 

It depends on the bakery or cake shop, but you should order a customized cake at least 2-3 days ahead of time. Some customized cakes and designs may require additional notice, so check with our team members before placing your order.

6) Can you do custom flavours or designs I don’t see on the websites? 

Yes, we do provide the specific flavours and designs which are not listed on the website too. We are open to create custom cakes just for you. It’s always best to communicate your specific needs and desires with us to fulfil your order.