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What To Write On a Wedding Anniversary Cake?

Wedding Anniversary Cake Messages

Every anniversary is a special milestone for couples. Whether they are newlyweds that are just completing a year together or a grey-haired couple celebrating their 50 years of togetherness, an anniversary is a reminder of their commitment to each other. As the anniversary dates draw close, couples think of ways to celebrate their special day together, and what better way to celebrate than with a cake? 

Cakes have been an integral part of weddings and anniversaries. Whether you have friends and family over or having a quiet evening at home, a cake will make any celebration more joyful and fun. Not just the words but the wordings on the cake can make the recipient’s day, and in this blog post, we have a list of quotes that you can write on a wedding anniversary cake.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Quotes For Your Better Half

Birthdays are individual celebrations, but your wedding anniversary is one that you can celebrate. Put across how you feel for your partner in the best way possible, and when it comes from the heart, there is nothing that comes close. Need help with what to write? Use the following as a starting point, and build yours from there or modify. These will get you started on a lovable quote for your loved one. 






I love you, now and forever. Happy Anniversary!

You make my existence better. Happy Anniversary!

We look perfect together, like hot cocoa and marshmallows!

I’m so grateful that God gave me you to love! 

My love for you grows stronger every year.

My trust in love becomes stronger with you. Happy anniversary!

So glad you chose me! Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to us for one more year of love and happiness.

Happy Anniversary! I love you more every year!

I wish for many more anniversaries with you.

So amazing to celebrate another year of being together. 

Yours is still my favourite face. Happy Anniversary!

Let’s stay in love forever. Happy Anniversary!

Love makes us stronger, but you make my heart melt. 

Another year of being together! Happy Anniversary!

Stuffing anniversary wishes in the cake for you.

You’ve made me so happy every single year.

All my love to the best guy/girl I know.

You made me the happiest person on earth at our wedding. And I am still the luckiest.

I still discover new things to love about you every day.

To another year of togetherness! Happy Anniversary!

I’m the luckiest to have your love. Happy Anniversary!

You put up with me for another year? Happy Anniversary!

You’ve made me laugh, appreciate you, learn, and grow every year we’re together.

Who thought love could be this good? Happy anniversary!

Love being with you. Happy Anniversary!

You won my heart then, and you still own it.

I sometimes have a funny way of showing how much I love you.

Happy Anniversary to my better-in-every-way half. 

Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.

Look where that first spark has led us! Happy Anniversary!

May we continue to be in love! Happy Anniversary!

My love for you grows delicious like this cake every day! 

I am so lucky to be blessed with you! Happy Anniversary!

You will always be the reason for my smile! 

You are my soulmate! Happy Anniversary!

Life is wonderful because of you. Happy Anniversary!

Every day is delicious because you are the sweetness of love. 

Let’s celebrate us! Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the face I love waking up to

To more cuddles, snuggles and more of our craziness

Short Messages On Cakes For Wedding Anniversary

Keep your wishes short and sweet when sending these anniversary wishes to someone you know. Order a cake from Cakebuzz for your anniversary and make their day!

Wishing a perfect partner a perfectly happy day.

Cheers to another year of being great together!

Anniversary wishes!

Happy anniversary you two!

I always knew you two had something special.

I hope the years to come are even happier than your years together!

I can’t believe it’s been so many years already. Here’s to many more!

Love and happiness to one of our all-time favourite couples!

The warmest of wishes to a wonderful couple on your anniversary.

Wishing you a happy ‘you two’ day!

Another year, another great reason to celebrate!

Congratulations all over again!

Funny Anniversary Cake Messages

What are a relationship without some laughter and some good-natured teasing? Here are some messages to use on the anniversary cake if you are the kind of couple that love to prank each other and crack jokes. 

To more years of shouting WHAT? to each other.

Happy anniversary to the woman/man who steals my food

Happy anniversary to the man who kills all the insects

Happy anniversary to the one I love to tolerate

I love you. Now do the dishes.

Love is blind, but marrying you has been an eye-opener

Happy anniversary. Give back my blankie

No. My clothes are not yours. They are ours. 

Here’s to another year of tolerating each other’s families.

What do you write on an anniversary cake for a couple you know?

Anniversaries are a celebration for friends and don’t hesitate to send over a cake for your friends’ anniversary. Celebrate their love and them being together with these messages on their cake.

Sending our love to some of our very favourite people.

Warmest wishes to two dear friends who are special. 

Celebrating you both. Happy Anniversary!

Cheers to one more year of togetherness!

To two of my favourite people, happy anniversary!

Cheers to many more years!

You’ve built a love made to go the distance!

You two are so great to know and be around. 

Thinking of you and all the good times we’ve shared. 

Happy Anniversary! So glad you’re in our lives.

There are lots of quotes about lasting love, but few couples seem to do it as well as you.

Happy anniversary to the greatest people!

You guys are the closest to a perfect marriage. Happy Anniversary!

Your faith in each other is a beautiful thing to see.

To the best couple, we know. Happy Anniversary!

Time for you lovebirds to stop the PDA. Happy Anniversary!

What do I write on a wedding anniversary cake for my family?

When wishing family members on their anniversary, it is important to tell them how much you love them and are glad to be a part of their lives. Whether parents, grandparents, or cousins, try some of these quotes for a wedding anniversary cake for your family. 

Mom and Dad, I learn what love is from you. Happy anniversary!

So blessed to have grandparents like you. Thanks for showing us what marriage is.

Love to you both on your anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my favourite cousin and cousin-in-law!

I’m so glad I get to call family. Happy anniversary!

You two are the best together!

Both of you make being a family fun! Happy anniversary! 

Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

I couldn’t ask for a better sister and brother-in-law.

We love having a couple like you in our family! 

Celebrating this special day in your lives and the happiness you have together.

Which Cake Is Best For An Anniversary?

When it comes to choosing a cake to send on your or someone else’s anniversary, Cake Buzz has a number of options to choose from. Many of our cakes are designed specifically to celebrate your special day. 

Our Hearts of Strawberry is a special cake that is delightfully indulgent with the fresh taste of strawberries and a finish to match. The heart on top of the cake is sure to convey your love to your spouse and makes the perfect pad to write your quote on. This one is recommended for your better half. 

Order the Anniversary Bomb cake, and see the joy on their faces when the bomb explodes. This cake makes the perfect anniversary surprise for your friends, as they will not know what is inside. 

Our Pinnacle of Love cake is another popular option when it comes to anniversary cakes. Available in different flavours that are covered in lovely glazing and hearts to garnish, this one is sure to make your loved ones feel special on their anniversary. 

We also have a wonderful heart-shaped pinata cake for couples who like some fun. This cake comes with a hammer to break the heart open to reveal the cake inside. Made with tempered chocolate, the 3-d heart is delicious and snaps easily, giving you the perfect crunch. Moist chocolate nestled inside the cake adds to the celebration that your marriage is. 

If there is no place on the cake or you feel the finish of the cake should remain intact, you can always have a card with your quote sent with the cake. This will allow you to write longer messages, as the space will not constrain you on the cake.

We look forward to helping you choose the ideal cake for your spouse or your friends who are celebrating their anniversary. Choose from a range of flavours and designs and complement it with the sweetest message you can think of, or take your pick from the list we have given you. 


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