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How To Respond To Birthday Wishes? Best Thank You Quotes

How To Respond To Birthday Wishes

Waking up to messages, wishes, and gifts on your birthday is one of the world’s most wonderful feelings. Even if you can’t be surrounded by your loved ones, the messages and wishes are like a blanket of warmth surrounding you. 

While you relish the cakes and sweets and bask in the glow of all the love and affection you receive, there is more to expressing your gratitude than a mere, ‘Thank you.’ A lot of thought goes into your gifts and messages, and when you take the time to reply, it means that you value their time and effort. 

Let us look at how you can express your gratitude for the wishes that come your way. 

Respond To Birthday Messages On Social Media

Nowadays, even if our friends forget our birthdays, social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ensure that we get many wishes and messages. It becomes rather difficult to reply to each message with constant message notifications. We tend to either use an emoticon or a general, ‘Thank you,’ since there are so many messages. However, this need not be the case. You can wait it out and then use one of these as replies. 


These are platforms where we get messages on our timeline. If the birthday notification is activated on Facebook, the chances are that the wall will be full of messages from friends, including those we met on Facebook, and never in the real world.  

Usually, every time we receive a notification about a birthday message, we have the urge to like it or say a quick Thank you. However, it would be wiser to like the messages and wait till the end of the day. Then, a message like one of the following could show gratitude to everyone who wished us. 

Dear friends, heartfelt gratitude for all the birthday wishes!

My heart is brimming with joy! Thank you for making my day special with all your messages. 

I did a little happy dance every time I got a message notification, which means I have been dancing all day! Thank you, dear friends, for making my day so special.

What a happy, happy day, thanks to all of you! You made this birthday one to remember. Heartfelt gratitude!

Hugs to everyone who wished me today. Your wishes brightened up my day and made me smile. Thank you for the very special birthday wishes. 

What a wonderful way to celebrate turning older! Thanks to everyone who thought of me and took the time to message. You hold a very special place in my heart. 

A shout out to all the lovely people who made my day so bright and filled with love. All your messages mean the world to me. Thank you!

Thank you for those lovely wishes. Your thoughtful messages made my day. Lots of love.

Thanks, dear Facebook fam, for all the messages. You rock!

Thank you for being a big part of my birthday. Love you guys. 

A big thank you to everyone who posted birthday wishes. Means a lot. 

Now I know what a celebrity feels like! Thank you, peeps, for all the love and birthday wishes.

Thanks to all your messages and love, turning a year older was worth it. You made my day extra special. Thank you!

Wow! So many messages! I had no idea that so many people checked Facebook regularly! Thanks a bunch

It has truly been the best birthday of all! Thank you, everyone, for the wishes. 

Hearing from so many of you has truly made my day. Thank you for making me feel so special. 

Whatsapp/Telegram/any messaging service:

Since WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging services usually focus on one-to-one communication, unless you are a part of those large family groups that post inspirational quotes every morning, the messages that you send in reply to personal birthday messages could be:

Thank you, uncle/aunty/person’s name, for your thoughtful message and keeping me in your prayers. Your message meant a lot to me. 

It is wonderful to hear from you on my birthday. Thank you for the wishes. You made my day better. 

Every year, I am grateful that I have friends and family to wish me the best. Thank you for being such an integral part of my life.

Your message made me smile and feel a year younger. Thank you for your kind words and wishes. Love you.

Thank you, friend’s name, for making me feel older. Please await your turn. Jokes apart, thanks a ton for the wishes. Here’s to more fun and frolic.

Your wishes made turning a year older feel less dramatic and depressing. Thank you for being the silver lining always. 

Thank you for how much thought you put into the birthday wish. Your message made me smile. 

As I turn older, I am more inclined to count my blessings. You are one of my greatest blessings. Thank you for that lovely birthday wish. 

Thank you for remembering my birthday and wishing me. 

Thanks for the text! It is wonderful to hear from you. 

Personal Thank You Cards

If you have received a personal wish and a card or gift, could you write back to thank the person? A hand-written note is a wonderful way to express gratitude for thoughtfulness. Your card or note need not be long. 

Here are a few ways to say Thank you while writing a personal card. 

Dear ___________, thank you for the wonderful birthday gift and wishes. Your note made me smile. Thank you for always being by my side.

I love the _________ you sent me. That note was too cute. It filled me with joy. Thank you for all the love. 

Your birthday wishes made me feel so loved. Thank you, ______, for always making my day.

I can’t think of a time when I received something with your name and not eagerly tore open the envelope to read it. Thank you for always making birthdays so special. 

Thank you for the _________ you sent me. I wish I could find such thoughtful gifts for everyone in my life. You always hit the nail on the head. 

Your birthday wish put a smile on my face. Every word of what you had written made me remember those good old days when we hung out together. Thank you for being my friend through all these years and always making my birthdays special.

I woke up to your message and some delicious cake. Ah, if only every day were my birthday! Thanks a ton for being my sunshine.

That wonderful birthday wish melted my heart. You wonderful being, can I thank you enough for how special you made me feel? Let’s just say you will always be special to me.

You showered me with love, presents, and cake this birthday. What would I do without you to remind me that I am older? Thank you for being a big part of my life.

That party/gift/note was very impressive. Thank you for that wonderful surprise. I couldn’t go to bed without telling you how much you mean to me. 

As I turned another year older, I could only count my blessings! Thank you for the lovely surprise. You made my day.

If only I could walk in to cut a cake at the office every morning! Thank you, dear colleagues, for the lovely surprise and the delicious cake. 

If you cannot think of anything to write, or if you do not have any stationery to write on, then you can also purchase thank you cards. 

Writing On Behalf Of Someone

Sometimes, you could write a note to thank people on behalf of an elderly person or a child. It could be a message or a hand-written note. 

My mother wishes to convey her gratitude to all of you for the wonderful messages on the family group. Each of you made her day. 

Dad loved your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness on his birthday. He wishes to say thank you to all of you for making his day so wonderful.

Dad/Mom/Name of person appreciates your birthday wishes. We are overwhelmed by all the love you showered on them. 

We love how special you made _________ feel. Thank you so much.

We are so happy that we have friends and family who make us feel special. Thank you for being a part of ______’s birthday and for all your love and affection.

My child is so blessed to have so many loving people in their life. They wish to say a big thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes. 

Summing Up

These days, messages on social media are more common than hand-written notes. But, just as a hand-made gift or a custom-made cake from Cake Buzz can make your birthday extra special, a personal thank you note goes a long way. 

When expressing gratitude, make sure you are clear about the message. If you have received a gift, write about it and how you could use it. You could also talk about how much the gift means to you. Address the person in the thank you note. 

People who love using stationery to write notes could always stock up on handmade paper or calligraphic pens to add extra glamour to your notes. Whatever you use, the thought matters, and it would be best to pour your heart out into the note. 

The length of your message does not matter. It is the thought that you wish to convey to the person you are corresponding with. Make sure you talk about your feelings- whether they wish or gift made you feel good, brightened up your day, made you feel special, etc. Take your time to think of what you want to write about, and then write it. 

A well-thought-out message can make your friends, family and everyone else feel appreciated. Your notes can brighten up their day and make them feel recognised for their effort. 

Another way to express your gratitude is to order cupcakes or pastries from Cake Buzz and send them to your close friends as a sign of gratitude. The sweet treat will also add to their happiness and make them feel like you appreciate their gift. 

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