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What to write instead of happy birthday on a cake?

What to write instead of happy birthday on a cake?

‘Happy Birthday’ is one of the most commonly used terms in the world, given that birthdays are celebrated around the globe every day. Every birthday, you hear people say, ‘Happy birthday to you’ or ‘Many more happy returns of the day.’ Cliché, most of us would say, but when we buy a cake for our loved ones on their birthday, we resort to the same birthday message on the cake- ‘Happy Birthday, dear ……’ Sigh! 

With everything changing and cliché becoming passe, birthday cakes have also taken a modern turn. You can choose from a range of options when it comes to customising your cake, beginning with flavours, shapes and the appearance of the cake, you can say just about anything that you want to say. From personal messages for your loved ones to custom messages that your cake designer could suggest, the choice is endless. 

There are many silly or amazing messages that you can write for people based on your relationship with them. 

Parents or older relations

Parents and older relations love the fact that you have remembered their birthday and have been considerate enough to celebrate it with cake. While the sentiment holds more significance for them than the cake or the celebrations themselves, adding a heartfelt message could make their day extra memorable. Depending on the type of person you are buying the cake for, here are some silly, quirky or sentimental messages.

Fake News Alert! You’re a year older!

Older, yet wiser!

As old as the Milky Way, and just as bright!

Ageing like fine wine!

Old, me?

Here is something to distract from ageing bones and balding heads

At least you are not 100 yet

100, not out!

Celebrating the oldest member of our family today

Older does mean better!

Hold on to your dentures before you blow out the candles!

To the most wonderful dad / mom / uncle / aunt

Here’s to our guiding light/beacon

To the one who keeps us together


You love to hate them and they have always been your closest confidantes and worst enemies. Siblings are those people that we cannot live without. Who would create and sustain all the family drama, keep your secrets, lend you money, and quarrel over the most trivial things, if not for your siblings? Old or young, your brothers and sisters have always been the ones you love the most, yet hate at times. A birthday is the best time of the year to enhance that bittersweet bond that you share with your siblings. 

When you were young/little, all you wanted was a cake…now it is all you are getting!

Congratulations! You have the best brother/sister in the world

You make me proud to be a brother/sister

We’re all aging. That’s good news!

To my partner-in-crime, since forever!

You will always be my little brother/sister

I’m still the favorite kid 😊

Even after all these years, mom loves me more :p

To my first frenemy

Sisters before misters

To the one whose wardrobe is always mine

I will do everything for you, but you can’t have the remote!

Congrats on one more year of bringing me water

My little brother/sister, always and forever

Am I not the best gift you ever had?

To the best gift, mom and dad ever gave me


There is always a special spark of creativity for the special man or woman in your life. Every occasion you get to celebrate with your spouse is a way to explore ways to keep the romance alive and tease each other for the follies and foibles that are characteristic of them. So keep the romance alive and surprise them with a cake that signifies peculiar aspects of the bond that you share, along with one of the messages given below.

To my amazing husband/wife, who never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you for all you are and all that you do. I love you

To the man/woman I want to wake up to forever

To the wonderful man/woman who makes every day worthwhile

I never knew soulmates existed until I met you

This isn’t just a cake…it is a lifetime of love

Here is a whole lot of love, and a great big hug too.

You deserve the best of everything… this cake, and me too

Hope you have a birthday that is as amazing/wonderful as you

Seizing the opportunity to let you know that you are one of a kind!

Brilliance, charm, affection, kindness…you are all that and more

You are my greatest strength and my biggest weakness

Let’s get this party started!

My always and forever

I choose you…now and always

To my dearest friend and the best lover in the world!

I’m so glad you were born

You are my world/universe/sunshine

Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Being in love is blissful, and birthdays are the times when you can have stolen moments together to celebrate your togetherness and create memories that you can hold on to forever. While you can find a variety of gifts to pamper the one celebrating the birthday, cakes can also go a long way towards making them smile or laugh. Although many people prefer to use romantic, sweet messages, this is also a great time to pull your boyfriend/girlfriend’s leg and create a funny moment that you will cherish for many years to come. 

You are my everything

To the love of my life…I look forward to annoying you every day

To my love…and my hero

My knight-in-shining-armor turns a year older!

Birthday presents are overrated…here’s some cake, hugs, and kisses for you!

Cheers to getting old but not looking your age! 

Lucky for you, I’m into older men

You’re my dream come true

Another year older, and still as sexy as ever

Birthday wishes to the man who drives me crazy

You are the cutest


Friends are the family we choose to keep close to our hearts. For most people, friends come before many family members and are the ones we turn to in our times of need. We have had the most fun with our friends, and have the most memories. There is no adventure that we have not shared with our friends, and they are the ones that hold our secrets close to their hearts. Some friendships stand the test of time. Friends are those who share our sorrows, our happy moments, and the ones who tease us the most with their treasure trove of memories about our craziest deeds. So, how can a friend’s birthday cake be simple? You can spruce it up with some quirky designs with the help of cake designers like the ones at CakeBuzz, and add one of the following messages, for that extra zing. 

You’re special…not just on your birthday, but every day

Human stupidity is infinite…I would never have known it if I hadn’t met you

The store ran out of candles to put on your birthday cake, old man!

The good news…we’ve been friends for all these years. The bad news…it’s been a loooot of years

It’s your birthday! So I thought, let’s do something dumb.

Happy birthday to the only person I’d rescue during a zombie apocalypse

To the one who helps me save on therapy bills

My confidante, my soul, my bestie…happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to the one who always makes me laugh

You’re my best friend, my other half, and my world

Here’s to my older friend

Here is wishing that all your wishes come true

Birthdays are for babies…that’s why we’re celebrating yours. 

Your present is the cake. Enjoy!

The candles would cause global warming. So, we avoided them.,


Children look forward to their birthdays and count down the months, weeks, and days. They are curious about the gifts they will receive, the theme of their party, the guests who will lavish attention on them, the games they will play, the list goes on. A cake that would be true to the theme of the party- in the shape of their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters, accompanied by cupcakes that are less messy and easier to handle, would be ideal. Nowadays, a smash cake is the most sought-after addition to birthday cake orders. A smash cake is simple- it is the one that has the candles blown out so that the bigger cake does not carry the germs and residual spit from when the kid blows out candles, and true to its name, can be smashed on the face of the birthday boy or girl. 

(age) is great! Enjoy!

To our bundle of joy

To the sweetest/cutest birthday boy/girl

Tons of hugs, kisses, and love to our angel/champ

Happy birthday to our (cartoon character/superhero)

You are the best gift we have

A sweet treat for our sweetest gift

Happy birthday to the baby of our family!

Happy birthday to the heart of the family!

You make us proud every day! Happy Birthday!

Here’s to many more years of watching you grow up

Let’s celebrate your antics!

To our big bag of trouble

There are options galore if you decide to veer off the beaten track, and plan to surprise your loved ones with an extraordinary cake, make sure you choose to pep it up with a message that is as unique as your cake. At CakeBuzz, we help you with the designs of your cakes and understand your need for exclusivity. We provide a range of customization options, including a separate chocolate slab/board for your messages, so that your cake is as unique as your relationships.

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