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Birthday gift ideas for a pregnant wife

Birthday gift for pregnant wife

You are expecting a child! This is one of the most eventful times of your marriage. Pregnancy is an important time for a woman, because of the many changes she goes through. When a birthday arrives during pregnancy, it is yet another opportunity to pamper your wife.

So, what birthday gifts do you give your wife when she is pregnant?

As an expecting parent, you have probably heard of ‘What to expect when you are expecting’ and many such clichés. A birthday is the best time to show someone that you care. It is a time to make your loved ones feel special. The secret to that- give them the gifts they did not know they needed.


With an ever-growing life inside her, your wife is facing many changes physically. Aches and pains become an everyday thing. So why not invest in her comfort? A pregnancy pillow goes a long way in helping your wife sleep. You can choose from an L-shaped pillow, or a C-shaped one- the most sought after of the many available in the market. These pillows provide vital support during different stages of pregnancy. Fortunately, they do not provide the warmth that a husband does. So, you are not being replaced, yet.

A footstool is another brilliant idea that would help. As pregnancy progresses, your wife will have swollen feet and aches because of the pressure of the increased weight. A footstool that will keep her feet elevated while she reads or relaxes will be a wonderful way to remind her that you are always thinking of her, birthday or not.

Cushions that support her back are another great gifting idea. Again, you have a variety of choices in this area. They come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and some even come with a massage option. Remember to choose something that would serve her well even during breastfeeding. Heat pillows filled with lavender, barley, and other options also provide optimum heat to the expecting mother. You can choose cushions that will suit the furniture she uses in her workspace as well.

The extra weight wreaks havoc on a new mother’s back. A supportive baby band or belt can help to ease the pain. Like a supportive husband, it cradles her belly to relieve pressure. These are great even when the mother is lying down, as they provide extra support.

A silk pillow and eye mask will provide her extra comfort during those days when she wants to get some shut-eye during the day, after a long night of tossing and turning.

A pregnancy journal

Keeping track of the changes that occur during pregnancy is fun. It could also help with doctor visits. Apart from the nitty-gritty of scans and appointments, an expecting mother will have so many little tidbits to note down. These will become stories that she tells her child. A journal is also a way to keep her occupied. She can doodle, write about her emotions, create anecdotes, and keep track of her journey.

Books on pregnancy

Again, a fad among young mothers, books about pregnancy is ideal birthday gifts. You have a wide range to choose from

  • fetal development
  • cognition and the environment
  • foods to eat
  • yoga and meditation
  • pre-natal exercises
  • post-natal care
  • graphic novels about parenting

Some commonly known books are available such as What to expect when you are expecting, Guide to Childbirth (by Ina May), The Pregnancy Countdown Book, What no one tells you: A guide to your emotions from pregnancy to motherhood, and so on.

For the ones who don’t like to read for a long time, there are some amazing graphic novels available. Kid Gloves by Lucy Kinsley, Good Moms have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers, and I’m so pregnant could be good companions to an expecting mother. There are also instructional ones like Safe Baby Handling Tips that could be an interesting read for first-time moms.

Creams and body butter

Stretch marks are the stuff of nightmares for most expecting mothers. Gift hampers are awesome to make sure that they feel spoilt. There are many oils and body butter that help to soothe the skin and prevent stretch marks. The fragrance of these butters also helps her relax. Keeping skin hydrated is essential to keep stretch marks at bay.

Scented candles and essential oils

Who doesn’t like scented candles? They help you relax. They give you the perfect lighting to set the mood. They can be your new best friends. With many home-based businesses catering to individual tastes, you can get candles that your wife will love. If you don’t want a curated set, then turn to brands like or for some great buys.

Lavender, rose, peppermint, chamomile, and lemon oil are some essential oils that can help your wife during her first trimester. Nausea and vomiting are regular companions during the first trimester of pregnancy. A few drops of these oils in the corners of the bedroom will help fight nausea. These oils also help her relax and sleep better. If she is plagued by constant headaches, a whiff of these scents will relieve the pain. If you already have a toddler at home, please take care that these oils are not within their reach.

Bath salts are also a great choice for an indulgence. Every pregnant woman deserves a soak in the tub, a foot rub after a long soak in warm water with salts, and some extra pampering. Himalayan pink salts are an easily accessible option if you are making your own hamper with your wife’s favorite items.

Edibles for the munchies

Cravings- a staple during pregnancy. Which pregnant woman has not reported at least one incident of craving something very badly? Morning sickness, nutrition requirements, gestational diabetes are all factors that contribute to snack requirements.

Curated dessert boxes that come with cakes, pastries, and salted cookies are a clever idea for a present. You can get in touch with us at Cakebuzz to put together a hamper that would take care of your wife’s cravings and hunger pangs for a while. For those with gestational diabetes, sugar-free dessert options are also available.

Artisanal chocolates and biscuits, biscottis, and other treats can also satisfy cravings. However, not every expecting mother likes sweets. Special packs containing ginger, spicy condiments, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables also serve as quick snacking options.

A hamper of her favorite fruits will also be a wonderful idea. To go that extra mile, you could be on hand to cut them for her when she needs them. Since we like to link our food with memories, many expecting mothers crave foods made by their relatives and friends. You could get in touch with her family and yours to create a truly unique food hamper containing homemade goodies that will keep her smiling every time she needs some fortification through food. (If you are in India, please tell the aunts and moms to go easy on the butter, ghee, and oil.)

Photo frames and albums

That first ultrasound where you heard your baby’s heartbeat deserves to be saved forever. The first 4D picture, the first time you saw your baby move- all of these can be documented, thanks to technology. Ask your obstetrician for pictures of scans so you can frame them. Click pictures of your wife as she traverses the different trimesters. Frame your babymoon. Gift her visual replicas of your memories. Give her an album full of cherished times.

Spa time

This is something that every wife will cherish. A relaxed afternoon at the spa, where she gets pampered. If she is in her third trimester, then this becomes a time when the aches and pains are massaged away. Her feet receive all the necessary attention and she comes back feeling rejuvenated.

Staycations or holidays

Surprise her on her birthday with an extended holiday or a staycation. Take her to her favorite destination. You can also go to a place that you have both always wanted to visit. A staycation means that she gets a break from work. She also gets a break from eating the same meals and doing her household chores. Away from the busy schedules of your everyday lives, this can also be a time to reconnect.

Kits and hampers

Every expecting mother likes to build her little nest. If she is close to her due date, gift her a soft robe that she can use while in hospital. Put together a hamper with towels, bibs, nipple creams, nursing bras, breast pumps, and her favorite soap and creams. This can be part of her hospital kit. You can also buy a readymade kit from trusted brands.

Of course, there is an endless list of gifting options for a pregnant wife. You can buy her the things that she needs or desires. You can also make a mix of her favorite songs and movies, cook her dinner, treat her to a meal of her choice, and so on. You can pamper her with an impromptu outing with her favorite people as well.

Most important of all, get her the best cake. Birthdays are not complete without cake. We at Cakebuzz take birthdays very seriously. We provide various customization options. So you can choose the flavors that your wife prefers during her pregnancy. You can also work with our cake designers to create the perfect look for the cake. Healthy options ensure that your wife is not at risk of consuming excess sugar on her birthday. You can also opt for smaller treats that can be consumed in intervals so that there is no sugar rush for the expecting mother.

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