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Gifts you can give your wife on her birthday in India

What should I gift my wife on her birthday in India

Birthdays are special. What better way to say, ‘I love you,’ than with the perfect gift! It is the day to shower your woman with love, and heaps of presents. With different tastes and a multitude of choices that vary according to budgets- the struggle is real. So, What should I gift my wife on her birthday in India?

On your wife’s birthday, you can gift her a unique piece of jewelry, limited edition perfumes, watches, handbags, and other accessories. You can also give her a technology upgrade with a laptop, tablet, phone, smartwatch, or wireless earphones. To make the day more memorable, add a personal touch with a vacation, a meal you cook, or a movie marathon. A cake would be the cherry on top.

Best gift for a pregnant wife on her birthday

Birthday gifts for a wife will differ dramatically at stages. When a wife is pregnant and it is her birthday, it is a most joyous time for her. A pregnant wife deserves to be spoilt rotten, as she is going through quite a lot. Most people tend to take this time to try to gift the baby, but this is the wrong approach. Most pregnant women have everything for the baby figured out. 

Some of the most important things that a pregnant wife is looking for are going to be to relax and be comfortable. Relaxing bath salts and gels make a good gifting idea if her birthday falls during her pregnancy. With myriad options to choose from, offered by both Indian and international brands, these can be bought as individual pieces or hampers that even contain candles with essential oils.

A pregnant wife will fully enjoy a day at the spa, as the relaxation on offer is unparalleled. Many spas offer pregnancy packages with special treatments that cater specifically to the needs of the pregnant and make it one of the most enjoyable days. The company of one or two of her friends will elevate this experience to another level. 

On the comfort side, one of the best gifts is a pregnancy pillow. These are specifically designed to provide support in the neck, back, and shoulders while improving blood circulation. A pregnancy pillow helps to relieve pain and is a blessing to those looking for better sleep. A gift like this is what every pregnant wife wants. 

Nowadays all the rage is on babymoons. A babymoon is a pre-baby vacation, sort of a celebratory vacation. This gives her a chance to spend some time alone with her husband away from her daily life while on vacation. Planning a babymoon around a wife’s birthday is a memory she will cherish through her years. 

A custom-made piece of jewelry is also one of the options to look at as a gift for a pregnant wife. An idea would be to inscribe a special date on the piece of jewelry that would make it an everlasting gift. 

Last-minute birthday gift for your wife in India

Being busy with work or life is never considered an excuse when it comes to getting a birthday gift for a wife. In case of time flying by and remembering a birthday only a day in advance, there might not be time for elaborate plans. This is where last-minute gifting ideas come in. 

Jewelry never fails to disappoint, so that has to be on top of the list. Pretty trinkets are always a winner. Flowers, Cakes, and chocolates may be ordered from the nearest store or online.

If the wife is inclined towards photography, the local photography store will be more than happy to help to suggest a good tool to add to her collection. If not a camera, it could be accessories or a printer as well. An Instax or any other polaroid camera is also a great option.

Books, cosmetics, handbags, all make for great last-minute gifting ideas. A great date also takes only a little while to plan and this will make her day unforgettable. Go for an adventurous all-day trip that ends in her favorite restaurant, or better yet, one she has never been to.

Beautiful birthday gift for newly married wife 

Another point of confusion for a husband is when the couple is newly-wed. A birthday falling during the time of just getting to know a wife can be quite nerve-wracking for the husband. A tip here is to reach out to her friends to find out what her likes and dislikes are. 

A safe bet is to go with shopping vouchers, as that gives her the freedom to choose what she would like to buy and will also make the next birthday easier on the husband. Most stores like Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle have loads of shopping options under one roof, ranging from clothing to accessories. Most online portals also offer gift coupons, making the choices even broader. 

Flowers, chocolates, and cakes go a long way in making her day even more special, make sure you know what flavors she like before you place your order. Boxes of assorted chocolates from gourmet chocolatiers are available in most cities, and the options online are endless. 

Romantic birthday gifts for a wife

Customized mugs, cutlery, photo albums, bedclothes, and handwritten letters are romantic. A pendant that has a special date on it can be something she loves to wear. 

You could also gift her a scrapbook with cartoons or photos of your special memories together. To make her feel loved beyond measure, create a playlist of her favorite songs to play throughout the day. Put your feet up and watch all her favorite movies together. 

There are many romantic gifts that you could get her, but, if you are stuck, buy her a bouquet of red roses. Most of all, pay attention to her needs and spend time with her. She will cherish those moments for life. 

Gifts Every Women Love On Their Birthdays

Here is a list of gifts every woman loves. They won’t be disappointed if you buy them any of these gifts below.

For Jewelry Lovers

The first thing that comes to every husband’s mind is jewelry. Jewelry transcends time. It is usually a safe bet. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Depending on what you are willing to spend, the options are endless. It could either be a small trinket or a grand set. Any reputed jewelry will be able to deliver the requisites almost immediately. 

For Fashion Lovers

Watches could be a good option. There are many brands to choose from. It could range from Fastrack to Cartier – the choice is endless. Leather goods and other accessories are also a great option. Shoes and handbags are always a great go-to option as they change with the times and one can never have too many of these. Designer labels are available across the length and breadth of the country and a reasonable purchase will serve her for several years to come. 

For Tech Lovers

Keeping up with the times, a great gift idea is related to technology. With a majority of people working from home, a new laptop or phone will help make her work easier, faster, and more efficient. If she is updated with the latest tech on the laptop and phone side, other great ideas are tablets or mini projectors to make her leisure time more blissful. 

For Fitness Freaks

If she is into fitness, a smartwatch, fitness band, or wireless earbuds are great for helping the wife keep track of her workout routine. 

For Nature Lovers

Planters, vases, and indoor herb gardens are all the rage these days. Plants give a vibe of growing together and thus make quite thoughtful gifts. With a variety of options that can also be personalized with a picture or quote, vases and planters will last for quite a while if looked after properly. 

For Experience Lovers

Gifts don’t just have to be materialistic. Experiences – whether at a favorite spa or a weekend getaway, will make her feel great on her birthday. A surprise getaway to a nearby hill station or a foreign country will be remembered for years to come. A cooking class, dance lessons, or a membership to a fitness center are also options. 

Some Budget-Friendly Options

Other thoughtful budget-friendly options are to surprise her with breakfast in bed, do her chores for her, cook for the whole day, take her out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and the like. 

Surprises with cake at midnight are game-changers, and Cakebuzz has a delivery service at midnight. Cakes can be paired with flowers, chocolates, and smaller gifts to make the event memorable.

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