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5 exciting cakes for your kid’s next birthday

Birthdays are the best opportunity for people to explore cakes of a different style. Especially if you are throwing a birthday party for the kids, you must be opting for something unique and something special. There is a wide range of Birthday cakes in Coimbatore. However, kids are getting more interested in trying out a new flavor. Yay! That’s a sign of living in a millennial era. To help you out in choosing the cake, here we have curate the top 5 exciting cakes for your kid’s next birthday.

Black Forest

Black forest is deliciously moist and cut above the rest in the market. They are made with multiple layers that can melt your mouth and heart. Whipped cream, rich chocolate sponge cake, and sweet spike cherries are the parts that make the cake best. The cake comes from a tuxedo cake which is adapted from the chocolate cake. The crumbs are moist and chocolatey. If you want to serve it as a nighttime dessert, you offer it cold to deepen the chocolate bitterness flavor. If it is an early evening party, you can also serve them hot, making the sweetness stay longer. The cherries highlight the cake as they are layered perfectly as they get soaked into whipped cream. Black forest is a preferred cake as they are not overly heavy and glistening to make the birthday special.

Truffle cake

Truffle cakes will satisfy any cake lover’s craving. The cake itself is dense with good frosting. Oh! The frosting! They are simply heaven. The base layer consists of chocolate, heavy cream, and butter while making the truffle a pure delight. When you order Birthday cakes online, ensure that the delivery is within two to three hours from the making as they need to be served fresh. The cake is popular among the kids and teenagers who would enjoy every bite of the frosting. If you have the time, you can cut the cake layers half horizontally and combine them with the ice cream. It is simple, classic, and the top layer is covered with cocoa powder dust and sometimes even coconut.  Truffle cakes are incredibly easy to find, and the simple texture will keep reminding of the taste it is. You may want to check for authentic truffle cakes as there are many variants.


Even though butterscotch is popular as an ice cream flavor, they are not preferred much in the past, like a cake. But the Millennials have a different view for butterscotch. They have an eye for it as they have come with the tender brown sugar topping with the sour cream layers filling the entire cake. The thick butterscotch sauce makes it so filling and be a perfect occasion cake. The texture of the cake is ultra-tender, and you need to go for the fresh frosting rather than buttercream. Each bite is gooey and big-time creamy icing. The best thing about butterscotch is you don’t have to worry about the temperature. You can even give them as a takeaway to your guests. They are amazingly delicious, and it’s worth it if you consume them after a day, allowing some time for them to soak in the syrup. Choose this cake for the birthday parties if you are audience is professionals and mid-aged.

Choco butterscotch

You will choose Choco butterscotch when you run out of new ideas in picking the cake for the birthday party. The choco butterscotch is made with light and fluffy chocolate layers that are enhanced by the butterscotch frosting. As you cut them and eat them, the chocolate layers crumble and swirl in the butterscotch ganache. That’s the best thing about this cake. Of all the cases mentioned above, the cake is moist and silky; however, the chocolate chunks are solid and could be filling. More than to call a cake, they are a perfect pudding set for late evening parties. It’s a two-in-one kind of cake where you don’t have to arrange a special dessert, which could be presented at the dessert table. Both kids and their parents are going to love it. We can guarantee you that they are not going to any leftover as they are unpredictably new.


We are sure while searching for the birthday cakes online, you would have seen Hazelnut cake as an option. But the fear of whether kids are going to like it may stop you from purchasing. However, we are breaking this myth right here. Trust us. Hazelnuts are the best choice that you would make the birthday evening brilliant. They are a no-brainer as it has a delicious flavor and texture that your kids will love it. Also, to be fair, hazelnuts are healthy ingredients, and no parent will stop the kids from having them. It is cost-effective and super impressive.

When it comes to birthday cake ideas, it all seems to be easy. But with a wide range of options and imaginations running wild, there are distinct cakes that you need to meet. Choose the right Birthday cake in Coimbatore by planning it prior, and you will be able to accomplish the expectations. By flavors and texture designs, you can achieve them right if you place the order in the right cake parlors.

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