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What is a good birthday gift for an 8-year-old girl in India?

What is a good birthday gift for an 8-year-old girl in India?

Your 8-year-old girl takes in information at a remarkable pace. She has started to reason well and understands cause and effect, thus your choice of gift should reflect that. Other than the cake, which will be given, what is a good gift for an 8-year-old girl in India?

An 8-year-old girl will enjoy gifts like – dolls, figurines, collectibles, glittery gifts, board games, sewing craft kits, technology and hobby kits, art and craft kits, books, clothes, accessories, and a custom-made cake.

Dolls, Figurines, and Collectibles

Have you ever known a girl who doesn’t like to play with dolls? Dolls and figurines let their imagination run wild, and are the main guests at her tea parties or pretend battlegrounds. These days, action figures, dolls with pretty hair and clothes, cuddly, squishy stuffed toys, glow-in-the-dark animal figurines all find an important place in a little girl’s veritable collection of toys.

If you are considering stretching your budget a little more, dollhouses with complete miniature furniture sets are available to make the gift even more desirable.

Movie and cartoon franchises offer collectibles from popular movies and series that can also make playtime and the tea parties more themed, varied, and add to the collection in the dollhouse.

With various options to choose from, and manufacturers like Hasbro, Disney, Funskool, Hamleys, and various homegrown brands, the possibilities are endless. Barbie from Mattel is a popular choice and deemed safe for all ages.

For the budding sportsperson, any game that interests them can be encouraged— you can choose from footballs, basketballs, hoops, rollerblades, or skates, the list goes on. These gifts will not only help nurture talent but also provide avenues to explore new interests.

Glittery gifts

This section talks about stereotypical gifts that most people opt for when they have to buy presents for girls. Jewelry boxes and sets are useful to store their jewelry, hair accessories and keep other small items safe. In addition to keeping their accessories in one place, they bring about a sense of responsibility.

Little girls love making anything glittery and small imitation gem sets are another option. They can make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for themselves, their friends and family, and even their dolls. Glittery stickers can spruce up the look of everything from your mundane cupboard and refrigerator, to their favorite toys and bags.

They even work well on doll hair and clothing. These let them explore their creative side. Toys like the Nail Stamper let them create exciting nail designs and change them frequently. Nail enamel in various shades and glitter also bring about a smile on their faces.

Board Games

Board games stimulate decision-making and socializing. They are indispensable tools for the growing little one. They are also a wonderful excuse for some family bonding time.

Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Life are good options. Many card games like Uno also make for a fun experience with friends and family alike. Board games based on movie franchises like Harry Potter, let them traverse worlds as their favorite characters.

A revival of the ancient Indian games such as Snakes and Ladders, Pachisi, Pallanguzhi, and marbles are also gaining takers.

Sewing Craft Kits

Sewing kits that contain no sharp objects are available for kids. They are centered around pre-made designs and would require them to learn the basics of stitching like embroidery, cross-stitch, and the like.

The end result can either be wearables like pendants or hairbands, to something they could put up in their rooms. Bead bracelet kits are easy to use and let them create matching bracelets for their favorite outfits.

Technology and Hobby Kits

Kits that deal with and supplement what they learn in school are essential for expanding the knowledge of children. Science kits and educational toys that stimulate the mind and provide a deeper understanding of the subject at hand are ideal for budding scientists.

Science experimentation kits and robotics kits make good choices. These kits use simple, everyday components that can also be found in the kitchen can help children understand simple science concepts while enjoying their free time.

Art and Craft Kits

Starter kits for various arts and crafts explore hidden talents. Some options to choose from are kits that cater to painting, pottery, tile art, crochet, or knitting. These will get them started on a journey that will probably develop into a lifelong hobby, not to mention, contribute to the décor of your house and be conversation starters when you have visitors.

Knitting and crochet needles that are made of plastic or wood, yarn that comes in different shapes and sizes, and easy-to-do guides that help them learn new patterns are sought-after gifts.


Nothing beats books when it comes to gifts for children. They transport them to magical places and expand their imagination and knowledge like no other medium can. Books are a great way to reduce screen time and have a calming effect. From its many benefits like improving vocabulary to life lessons that make a lasting impression, reading is the best food for a growing mind.

With a growing variety of genres that cater to the modern child and pique interest and curiosity, books are one of the best gifts that anyone can receive. Graphic novels that address current issues and spread awareness on taboo topics for the budding sportsperson in Indian households can also prove to be educating.

For the budding writer and illustrator, journals, bullet journals, diaries, and sketchbooks can also be a wonderful gift. This can be paired with a book, or stationery hamper.

Clothes and accessories

If you are unsure about what to get the birthday girl or if it is a last-minute gift, clothes or accessories such as hair clips, bags, shoes, hairbands, and ribbons are go-to gifts. It would be a good idea to find out about the taste of the birthday girl instead of assuming that all girls like frilly frocks that make them look like giant cakes with frosting.

There are some amazing options out there for the pre-adolescent birthday girl which cater to their various interests- hiking, exploring, swimming, and spending a day outdoors. Various brands like Gini & Jony, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara Kids, and such can provide you with the best gifts for the little one.

Custom-made cakes

Few gifts can be special for a child. To make a birthday truly special, order a cake in the shape of the birthday girl’s favorite character or in the shape of her favorite sport or game. A cake that matches the party’s theme is also a good idea. Flavors and flavor combinations that intrigue them can make their birthday memorable as well.

Choose from a variety of flavors and styles at CakeBuzz, and customize your cake to be delivered to the birthday girl.

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