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Birthday Gift Ideas For a Teacher In India?

Birthday gift ideas for a teacher in India

Teachers are to be celebrated for their hard work and dedication. Choosing a teacher’s birthday gift is a sensitive affair. While something practical and useful is appreciated, it is imperative that a gift is not too personal or inappropriate. So, what are some birthday gift ideas for a teacher that would be appropriate under any circumstances?

Birthday gift ideas for a teacher

Apart from the usual gifts of stationery and books, there are many gifts that can make your teacher feel special on his or her birthday. Something that can be used either in the classroom or at home is a safe choice.

Handmade Gifts

What better way to celebrate a teacher than to show them your creative side? A handmade card from a child or a box of handmade greetings from the students in the class is sure to be memorable gifts. These are not just limited to cards. There could be drawings, art and craft projects like bouquets of paper flowers, picture frames, etc… can add value to the gift box.

Handwritten letters that talk about why the teacher is special to the students, or those containing funny anecdotes or incidents that the students remember, would also add to the teacher’s treasure trove of memories from her work.

Some teachers also talk about how their students make cartoons of their most-used sayings and it becomes a hilarious reminder of how the students perceive the teacher.


Stationery is an essential tool in every teacher’s arsenal. Whether it is for personal use or to let their students borrow when they run out, they are indispensable. Create a gift box containing a number of pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, markers, and more that can be used or given out as rewards for students, essentially making it a survival kit for teachers. Stickers are also a great gift as these will help the teacher with her decoration of the classroom.

Monogrammed Pen

Personalized stationery items make for great gifts. A teacher will love a monogrammed pen that is personalized with something like their initials or make it memorable by putting the name of the class they are teaching. This gift will last a long time and be remembered for ages. It is also a wonderful keepsake that will serve as a reminder of that batch of students or the student who gifted the item.

Classroom gifts

Every class student is special to a teacher. A gift that defines your class, or highlights the most memorable times that were spent together would be a great choice. Photo frames, desktop accessories like pen holders, cubes with pictures, and small potted plants make for great gifts that can accessorize a teacher’s workspace. Large pencil sharpeners that the whole class can use, paperweights to keep the space tidy, desk organizers are some of the other gifts that are recommended.


With timetables and lesson plans to stick to, teachers have to keep track of a lot of different things. A personalized planner will take care of these with simple entries and provides a flow of work that is well appreciated.

Planners come in various styles these days, and help the teacher to organize and schedule work-related and personal appointments. A planner also helps the teacher to keep track of upcoming tests, assignments, and administrative work.

During the lockdown, journals and planners have also helped teachers keep track of what was taught in each class, and the feedback from parents and the school administration. Journals also help them jot down things that happen throughout the day. Either of these makes for gifts that make their lives easier.


Although items related to work can mean a lot to a teacher, it gets tedious to receive multiple bags of stationery and classroom objects. There are various objects that could prove sentimental and useful for a teacher, that can be used outside of the classroom. When giving a personal gift, remember that a teacher is not a friend, and there is a decorum that needs to be maintained when gifting them.

Fun accessories like bags, keychains, and other small gifts with phrases that say ‘World’s Best Teacher’ make for gifts that constantly serve as an appreciative reminder to teachers. Again, it is not necessary to always relate the gift to a teacher.

Hobby-related gifts

Every teacher has an identity outside of their work. Gifts that pertain to their hobbies, such as paints, paintbrushes, bike or car accessories, baking materials and equipment such as spatulas and whisks, a new craft kit that they can build something with, fiction or non-fiction that they can read during their leisure, gardening tools, rare plants, and embroidery or crochet kits are some of the gifts that could make them happy, and keep them occupied in their free time.


Ask any teacher about their schedule, and you will receive a disgruntled answer about how life is all about work and no time to relax. Even when they are not in school, teachers are burdened with the preparation of notes, lesson plans, correction of papers, and so much other work in addition to their household work.

The ideal gift for a teacher would be some time where they can relax and stay away from books, papers, and technology that threatens to overrule their lives. So, with the help of a few friends, pool in some money and gift your teacher an appointment at a salon or a spa, so they can relax and come back to school feeling rejuvenated.

Good behavior

Most teachers are hassled by student behavior. While one student is calm and obedient, another could be distracted and fidgety while some others distract the rest of the class. A teacher is constantly trying to teach lessons in the most volatile of environments- a class full of students who are unpredictable.

On their birthday, the best gift that a class can give a teacher is good behavior. Plan a surprise for your teacher- a clean and well-organized classroom, with students who do not make noise or chatter away, or throw things around while they are teaching.

If it is an online class, ensure that microphones remain muted unless the teacher calls out the names of the students, and make sure that the teacher does not have to repeat every sentence, or shout at the top of her voice to be heard.

A day of quiet, peace, and less stress would probably be every teacher’s dream of an ideal birthday.


What better way to celebrate a teacher’s birthday than with their whole class? Order a personalized cake from Cakebuzz that they can share with their students, making it a gala affair for everyone involved. Please remind the students to clean up the mess afterward (remember what we said about a quiet, stress-free day before).

You can customize the cake with flavors that the teacher likes, or even order frosting-free cakes that come in individual packages to avoid the mess of frosting in every corner of the classroom. Cupcakes, cake slices, pastries are all options that would make your teacher feel extra special on their birthday.

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