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12 funny cake messages to make them smile

Who said that cakes just need to read “Happy Birthday”? Devouring a cake isn’t just an activity, but an emotion in itself. So, it can be a pretty good medium to say anything that’s on your mind. Yes, this also means funny one-liners. These witty lines will either make your loved one laugh out loud or smirk and roll their eyes, that’s for time to tell. What we can guarantee is that they will love it. So, hop on and add that tinge of excitement to your delicious cake through these funny birthday cake messages.

1. Older? Nah, fake news!

Are you planning to wish a young at heart soul on their birthday? Skip the boring number of candles already. Just tell them straight that even if the age meter keeps rolling upwards, they are ageing like fine wine.

2. Find the grasshopper in this cake.

How about going a notch higher and pulling off this prank? Give all the attendees an adrenaline rush with this birthday cake message! Just make sure that you don’t stretch the joke too long. You want everyone to love your cake, don’t you?

3. The eternal question: cats or dogs?

There is never a wrong time to put forth this question? Are they a cat person or a dog one? C’mon! Just don’t start fighting over it!

4. Guess the secret ingredient!

It can probably be the worst one, or the best – who knows? Intrigue them with this message and make them wonder as they jump in to take the first bite of the cake. Remember to calm them down first by telling them that the cake doesn’t contain any allergens.

5. Eat the whole cake, and win a prize!

Older or younger, all of us crave for a prize and especially so if it is a surprise! You can either go for this message when you are planning to give them their gift only after they finish off the cake or if you order such a huge one that it becomes a herculean task for them to do so. If you are going for the latter, don’t choose Cake Buzz! The cakes are so finger-licking delicious that they will eat their cake in a jiffy.

6. We have reported this cake to the diet police.

Everyone should be allowed to have a cheat day. Well, at least on their birthday! Yet, what’s wrong with a little thrill? Give them a light-hearted warning with this amusing cake message!

7. Wishes do come true – you got me!

Remind them that they are already blessed with you by their side. Even if it sounds a little self-boasting, we are sure that the beautiful gifts that you will give to them on their birthday, and the lip-smacking cake will cover up for it.

8. Home is where the cake is.

Who can argue with this one? Home isn’t just any other place, but one where you can be yourself and are the cosiest. There can be nothing better than a cake to accompany you when you are sitting in your PJs, on the couch and watching your favourite sit-com.

9. You are going places – but eat first!

Tell them that you believe in them and know that they will go places in their life. At the same time, be a well-wisher and remind them without energy, their engines probably won’t take them anywhere. Cut a cake and realize how energizing a dose of happiness can be!

10. Don’t tell me you are older – you look five!

Does your friend have a cute baby face or are they a hottie who has defeated age with their looks? This message is perfect if you want to praise them for all the effort (or none of it) that they put in to bright up your day with their lovely smile.

11. You are not old. You are vintage.

Old is gold. If their age is getting them worried, tell them that they are valued no matter what happens. Ageing comes with much-valued experience. It is just a number and getting old doesn’t mean that you will lose out on your youthful charm.

12. Let’s get fat together.

Stop beating behind the bushes and cut to the chase. A foodie will adore this message on their cake. What are you waiting for? Join their bandwagon, and make their day already!

Wrapping up

We hope that you found the perfect birthday cake wishes on this list. If you want any help on making the birthday of your beloved a perfect one, reach out to Cake Buzz!

Key Takeaway – This article discusses 12 funny cake messages to make your favourite person smile.

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