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What To Write On a Birthday Cake For Husband?

What To Write On a Birthday Cake For Husband

Your husband. The one you married for being your best friend, your lover, the one who completes your soul. In your wonderful time spent together after the wedding, you have shared, discovered, and explored the meaning of love together. You have seen the amazing man you married, grow and mature into an even more incredible person and you want your husband to know how proud you are to be his.

While anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are more geared towards celebrating a relationship, you want your husband’s birthday to be all about him. There is always a special place in your heart for the special man in your life. Keep the romance alive and surprise them with a cake that signifies peculiar aspects of the bond that you share.

To make sure your husband has a birthday he will never forget and make the most of his special day, a cake with a special greeting from Cakebuzz is the way to go. On his birthday give him the lovely birthday wishes he deserves.

You can design the birthday cake to suit the tastes of your partner. A cake shaped like his favorite car, bike, camera, television character, or even the spirit of his choice, is a far cry from the regular cakes that you can buy over the counter. The flavors that go into the cake can also be tweaked to cater to his liking- you can replace the regular buttercream with truffle, fruit-based flavors, and others. When the cake is so extraordinary, why would the message on it remain the same?

Express your love for your husband on his birthday with a special and thoughtful message on his birthday cake. So go ahead and choose the perfect birthday cake wordings for your husband’s birthday cake right here and let him know that you are leading an amazing life with him and you indeed love him from the bottom of your heart.

Express your love with romantic messages

A birthday wish stating how much you love your husband is special in more ways than one. While subtle, it also emphasizes the bond that you share and although men may shy away from public displays of affection, this is one they will cherish for years to come. Here are some of the ways to put this down.

I Love you, Birthday Boy

For the Birthday Boy, I love the most

To the man I want to wake up to forever, Happy Birthday

With a whole lot of love, and a great big hug too, Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes to the most loving Husband

Your love makes me complete Sweetheart, Happy Birthday

This isn’t just a cake, it is a lifetime of love

Romance, as they say, never goes out of fashion. Any occasion to express your feelings to your loved one is ideal.

Tell him how much he means to you

A cake that states how big a part of your world he is. Show him that he is everything to you and more, with some of these wishes that can go on a cake.

My little heart beats for you, birthday boy

You brighten my world, Happy Birthday

You are my reason to live

You are my greatest strength and my biggest weakness

You are my world/universe/sunshine

Tell him you are a proud wife

Celebrate your relationship with your husband, by letting him know how much you cherish sharing your life with him by putting it down on his birthday cake.

You are the Perfect Husband

Thanks for being my partner Birthday boy

Being your wife is a blessing, Birthday boy

I am lucky to be your wife, Birthday Boy

With you my life is full of laughter, Sweetheart

Birthday wishes from a proud wife

My life is a fairytale with you, Happy Birthday

I love my life with you, Happy Birthday

I never knew soulmates existed, until I met you

My always and forever

Happy Birthday to my handsome Husband

Appreciate the little things

A little appreciation goes a long way, and who doesn’t love to receive compliments. Let your husband know how amazing he is with some of these quotes on his birthday cake.

This is the perfect time to acknowledge the little things he does for you- from that coffee in bed to the warm meal when you are exhausted after work in the evenings, to the impromptu foot massage while watching television, or the warm hugs when you are feeling vulnerable.

To the wonderful man who makes every day worthwhile

You are the prince of my dreams, Happy Birthday

To my amazing husband, who never ceases to amaze me

Hope you have a birthday that is as amazing/wonderful as you

Seizing the opportunity to let you know that you are one of a kind!

Brilliance, charm, affection, kindness. You are all that and more

To my dearest friend and the best lover in the world!

I’m so glad you were born

You are as perfect as this cake!

To more hugs / happiness/ conversations/ laughter/ randomness/ of being us

Thanks for making me feel special darling.

Thanks for making me a part of your life Honey.

Thanks for choosing me as your wife, Birthday Boy.

Thank you for all you are and all that you do. I love you

You deserve the best of everything. This cake, and me too

A birthday wish that thanks your husband for all he is to you is another one of the things to put down on his birthday cake. Thank him for being a part of your life with some of these messages.

Cakes have evolved from being the simple round or square ones with some buttercream slathered on them. So why should your birthday messages stick to the age-old messages? Go ahead and order a cake with any one of the lines that are listed above, and make your husband’s birthday truly special. Whatever you choose, always remember that the gesture itself goes a long way in showing your love and appreciation for him, and it will be special to him.

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