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What Are The Best Cakes For First Birthday?

What Are The Best Cakes For First Birthday

Birthdays! Aren’t they exciting? And when it comes to celebrating a kid’s first birthday, it is even more special and an emotional affair for all parents. It is an exciting milestone which calls for celebration. And a celebration is incomplete without a delectable cake as it adds more glamour and bling to the party. 

In the first year, your child may only have the cognitive ability to observe and absorb the positivity and might not understand the whole hype of a birthday celebration. However, for a celebration to be successful, cakes must be there as it enables you to share the special day associated with a special cause with people you love and want to be around. 

Now, what are the best cakes for first birthday? First, you can stick to the flavour of cake that your child likes the best. Next, you can consider the nutritional factors and try something subtle yet tasty. If you are searching for a cake that will go best with the birthday party, it depends entirely on the birthday theme and your preference. You can readily get a variety of cakes in any bakery or, depending on your choice and theme, a personalised one.

If you are flummoxed in choosing a cake that will best fit your kid’s first birthday party, you can refer to the list of endearing cakes below! From circus scenes, jungle themes, cartoon themed to flavoured cakes. There are a plethora of options on your plate to choose from.

Know The Best Cakes For First Birthday Available In The Market

This section will help you choose the best cake and is sorted depending on the theme and flavour-  

Theme Based Cakes For Your Kids 

Creativity! What a beautiful word! What beautiful work of people creating art, and art in what not. “Is that really a cake?”, “that looks so realistic!” Well, these are what the bakers have to come to make. 

Here are some jaw-dropping cakes that will help you choose the best one for your munchkin’s birthday party and make the celebration even more special.

Jungle theme based cake: Kids are always fascinated with animals. Hence a jungle themed cake will add a fun element to the party, especially among the kids and make your party a ‘roaring’ success. 

The cake is decorated with miniature animals hanging from a tree or sneaking out of a cave. Even with jungle themed cake, you will have several options. Safari-themed cakes or cakes inspired by any movie or book like Madagascar or Jungle book will also be ideal for your munchkin’s birthday party. Baby elephant fondant cake will instantly bring a smile to your kid’s face.

Vintage circus cake: This is another creative cake option covered with fondant circus animal and figure-piped icing clown, adding a theatrical touch too, are highly preferred cakes among kids. The miniature carousel with a tiny circus tent pulled back with curtains and straw poles delights the celebrant. The graphics of a ring master’s hat, tightrope walker, a balancing elephant with a ball on its trunk with some fondant balls and a piped banner on the top will steal the show and be the centre of attraction. 

Rainbow cake: Want to brighten up your kid’s birthday party? Have you chosen a very colourful theme or something connected with nature? What else can go better than a rainbow cake? Each layer of a rainbow cake will fill your mouth with the taste of sweet and sour, orange flavours, refreshing lemon, blueberry, and lavender. You can also get the name of your kid printed on edible paper to enhance the look of the cake. 

A letter or number cake: The new trend of an endearing letter and number cake is fascinating and appealing. Choose your preferred shape and number and get it baked for your kid’s birthday party. You can either choose the initials of your kid’s name or can go with the birth year. Furthermore, you can get the full name of your kid done. These cakes are generally decorated with flowers, fruits or macaroons that give a stunning look to them. 

Floral themed cake: Are you infatuated with the ethereal beauty of flowers? If yes, then arranging a flower-themed cake is an excellent way to lighten up your kid’s birthday party. Cakes embedded with a cascade of colourful handcrafted flowers, leaves and insects like butterflies and ladybugs accentuate the beauty of the celebration. 

Disney princess cake: Is your munchkin too much into princess and fairy tales? Then a Disney Princess cake or a model cake will make kids go crazy. You can either go for customising the entire palace and figurines of the Disney Princess or choose an edible cake decoration sheet with the images of snow white, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and more. From Princess Penelope to queen Elsa you can have it all. 

Cartoon themed cake:  Every kid enjoys watching cartoons. Hence, curating a cake based on their favourite cartoon show will make the celebration worthwhile. For example, if your kid is a Tom and Jerry fan, a baked fondant cake with Tom’s face as a base will leave everyone amazed. Also, going for a poster depicting kid’s favourite cartoon character names will add vibrancy to the party.

Music-themed cake: Are you a music lover? Have you ever wondered about combining your love for music with a flavourful cake? If so, then planning a music-themed cake will bring a great grin to your face and add charm to the extravaganza. From embedding tiny musical instruments like piano and guitar to curating musical brands, you can go for anything that will give a musical touch to the party. Furthermore, personalising it with a name badge will add more beauty to the cake. 

Tropical Island themed cakes: A cake with a palm tree, an ocean made of gelatine will also be a unique selection for a kid’s birthday party and an ideal sweet treat. The presence of edible palm trees, beach huts, surfboards to consumable sugar fish will make the cake look adorable and realistic. If the celebration is in summer and the entire birthday theme is tropical, then going for an Island theme cake will add feathers to the party and make everybody fall head over heels. You can even go for an underwater themed cake with miniature mermaids and fishes. 

Cakes Based On Flavours

Gone are the days when you had limited flavours of cakes. Fortunately, now there is a wide variety of flavours to choose from. You can choose from the listed flavour that appeals to your kid and the young invitees to your party- 

Chocolate cake: If you don’t want to experiment, go for a chocolate cake. It is the most preferred and safe option and will never go out of trend. You can either go for a chocolate truffle cake or chocolate lava cake, among other options. 

Vanilla: This is perhaps one of the most opted for ingredients used to make a dreamy-creamy cake. It gives your cake a mild flavour and appetising fragrance, making it delicious and tempting. 

Coffee: Coffee flavoured cake with a whip of mocha icing can never go out of trend. It gives a refreshing taste to the cake and is perfect for any time of the day. The coffee flavour tempers the sweetness and is also preferred by those who do not like cakes. 

Strawberry: Kids always prefer colourful edibles. Hence strawberry cakes will be a great choice. These cakes are moist, soft and bursting with strawberry flavoured. Moreover, garnishing the cake with freshly cut strawberries makes it all the more alluring.

Salted caramel cake: Chocolate and salted caramel cakes are also the most sought-after flavour options—the combination of sweet and salt doubles the taste. You get to taste the sweet caramel and a salty zing with every bite. 

Red velvet: Red velvet is sure to make your mouth water, and kids will devour it. You get a taste of mild cocoa and a tart edge; the taste is an amalgamation of chocolate and vanilla, yet not exactly that. The red hue, with its unique taste, can definitely set the party’s mood.

Lemon raspberry flavour: Lemon raspberry carries an unconventional taste. It gives a fresh and zesty touch to the cake. Lemon and raspberries are possibly the best combination and go well with cakes, cookies, cheesecake, layer cakes and the likes. It gives a light fruity touch to the cake and is ideal for those who are not a fan of sweets. 

There are many other new and exotic flavours that you can choose for a birthday party depending on your preferences. 

You can also look at the following options to add colour and vibrancy to your kid’s first birthday party:

If you want to walk away from traditional theme-based cakes to something unique, you can glance through the following options. Unconventional cakes are a huge hype now! From good quality cheesecakes with exceptional fresh berries to durian induced cakes, these are all you could ask for in the most delectable form.

Ombre cake: If you want to make your kid’s first birthday colourful yet sober, you can go for an ombre cake. It has a soothing appearance, with one colour hue fading into the other, usually from a lighter shade to a darker shade. The mix of buttercream frosting results in gradient shades. You can select the colour palette of your choice and bring dreamy vibes to your party. 

Fruit cake: Now, a child of such a tender age is suggested not to be given higher sugar treat, so maybe go for something a little more subtle. A great way to tickle the taste bud is to squeeze in little fresh fruit. Hence go for a fruit cake which will be loaded with chopped fresh fruit and nuts. Even in fruit cake, you will get a wide variety.

Cheesecake: Cheesecake is also one of the most preferred options and is the ultimate birthday dessert. A slice of cheesecake is sweet, creamy and filled with sprinkles and tastes like heaven. You can choose from the different types of cheesecakes that are available in the market.

Furthermore, spiced cakes are also stirring the trend with simple cheese cream frosting. All goodness of fresh spices in the form of a cake, how very unconventional! But something definitely that you must try once in your lifetime. Even carrot cakes with an ultra-creamy affair can be brought to you by the most extravagant designs and models.

So far, you have glanced through the manifold types of cakes that can best suit your kid’s first birthday party. However, you consider another factor before choosing the best cake. You should also consider the number of invitees to your party and go for a size that will be sufficient for all the guests. Hence you can try for a:

Tower cakes: You can also choose a colossal tower cake for your kid’s birthday party. It will steal the show and get you some fantastic pictures. Moreover, a tower cake will be adequate and scrumptious to serve a large number of invitees. You can get it done by choosing any flavour you prefer or can customise it as per the birthday theme. 

Layer cake: Generally, layer cakes are 6 to 9 inches in diameter and round. However, you can customise it anytime with any creative fillings your heart desires. Layering cakes with delectable frostings gives them a unique look and is highly appealing. Lately, there has been a strong inclination of people toward layer cakes. If you want a rich decadence of flavour, you can go for a chocolate and cream cheese filling, vanilla custard filling or an orange curd filling. 

The cake is considered the show stopper of any party, and cutting a cake is the most awaited part of any celebration. It makes the party more vibrant and enjoyable. So, here’s the list of the best cakes for the first birthday to help you select the best one and add more grandeur to the party. 

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