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Top 10 Best Selling 60th Birthday Cakes For Your Loved Ones

Top 10 Best Selling 60th Birthday Cakes For Your Loved Ones

A 60th birthday is a special birthday for a person. For most people, it signifies the transition from a working adult into the life of a retired person. And what better way than to celebrate with a speciality cake that just melts in your mouth? Your loved one deserves to be treated to the best cake. But what are the top 10 birthday cakes for a 60th birthday?

Chocolate cake is an all-time favourite that everyone likes. It is one of the most popular cake flavours all over the world. In India, flavours like Gulab Jamun and Rasamalai are also fan-favourites. They are the perfect fusion between an Indian and western dessert. The best birthday cakes for a 60-year-old are with less cream and sugar.

Want to know more cake flavours you can buy for a 60th birthday celebration? Read on. 

Top 10 Best Selling Cakes For A Birthday

Cake flavour preferences are highly subjective to the person eating them. Most people don’t like having too much buttercream on their cake. But for some, the cream is their favourite part. There are also a variety of flavours you can go for. Let’s look at the most popular ones. 

1. Awesome Hazelnut 

This is the cake for Nutella lovers. Hazelnut has a nutty and earthy flavour that is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate. The Awesome Hazelnut cake from Cake Buzz contains the perfect ratio of milk chocolate ganache, hazelnut cream, and hazelnut. The chocolate sponge cake has a soft texture that melts in your mouth. This is the perfect cake for those who love chocolate and nuts. 

Nutella cake has a huge fan following in India. Cake Buzz makes this cake with real toasted hazelnuts, which decorate the sides of the cake. The texture difference between the crunchy nuts and the soft cake is a pleasant eating experience. 

2. Gulab Jamun Cake

If your loved one is a person who just cant forego the Indian flavours, then this is the cake for them. This cake is the perfect blend of Gulab Jamun and cake. It has a vanilla frosting which is a fan favourite. This cake also has a good dousing of simple syrup and the traditional gulab jamun flavours. This makes it the perfect cake for a person who loves the Indian sweet.  

3. Exotic Almonds N Truffle 

Truffle cake is the best option for someone who doesn’t like over-sweet cakes. The truffle ganache, made with dark chocolate, imparts a slightly bitter taste to the filling. This, when married with the soft chocolate sponge cake layer and the healthy serving of almonds, makes for the ideal cake flavour. 

Almond has always been an excellent addition to chocolate desserts. But the flavours are even more elevated in this dessert. The difference in texture between the almonds and the cake is a popular combination. Getting this fantastic cake for your loved one will make it a special day. 

4. Triple Mousse Cake

This is a chocolate lover’s fantasy cake. The Triple Mousse Cake features white, milk, and dark chocolate. It is a classy looking cake for a low-key birthday celebration. The triple mousse cake is typically made with chocolate sponge layers. The chocolatey layers are impressive for a birthday celebration. 

The cake with topped with dark chocolate shavings. So the chocolate feast doesn’t just end with the cake. Since it contains all three types of chocolate, the triple mousse cake won’t be too sweet. The bitterness of dark chocolate will offset the sweetness of milk chocolate. This makes it the perfect cake for a 60th birthday party. 

5. Strawberry Delight 

Who doesn’t like the fresh taste of strawberry and a rich vanilla cake? This combo made in heaven will be a strawberry lover’s paradise. This impressive cake from Cake Buzz is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet cake and berries. The cake is generously topped with fresh strawberries, which makes the cake look even better. 

6. Rasamalai 

This is yet another Indian-fusion cake. Rasamalai is made with milk and cream-based dessert with a cult following in India. The Rasamalai fusion cake has a rich flavour of Indian spices like Elachi and saffron. The cake is also frosted with a vanilla-based cream which is the perfect merriment to the Rasamalai flavour. 

The cake has whole pieces of Rasamalai on top, which is the best accompaniment to the vanilla flavoured cake. You can take the flavour to the next level by pairing this cake with a serving of Rabri or Basundhi. The Rasamalai cake can be a bit on the sweeter flavour profile. So keep that in mind before ordering it. 

7. Triple Berry

Want a gorgeous-looking cake? Then this is the one for you. The triple berry cake combines the delicious flavours of 3 real berries. So if your loved one enjoys a fruity dessert, then this is the best option for them. The triple berry cake has stunning white chocolate decoration pieces that taste good. 

The vanilla sponge layers are filled with berry compote. This gives you the perfect balance between cake and fruit. The cake also uses vanilla frosting. So this will be a good option for those who don’t enjoy chocolate cakes. 

8. Classic Rainbow

Want your cake to look good for the pictures? Then this is the cake for you. The classic rainbow cake is made with seven colourful vanilla sponge cake layers. It also has a cream cheese frosting, giving the cake a slightly tangy taste. The exterior decorations are what take this cake to the next level. The vanilla frosting is perfectly shaded to match the colours of the rainbow. 

The classic rainbow cake will be the perfect 60th birthday celebration cake. It symbolises all the colours of life that a person would’ve crossed to get to the 60th age mark. 

9. Choco Vanilla

This is a classic cake flavour that everyone enjoys. The choco vanilla cake has something for everyone. So whether you’re a chocolate lover or a vanilla lover, you can indulge in this dessert. This cake has a gorgeous chocolate ganache drip topped with vanilla frosting swirls. The choco vanilla cake strikes the perfect balance between sweet and bitter-tasting. 

10. Caramel

Caramel is a sweet-tasting cake that most adults enjoy. The caramel cake is made with chocolate or vanilla cake layers and filled with vanilla frosting. There is also caramel in-between the layers of cake. So the depth of flavour in this cake is tremendous. 

The caramel cake is decorated with milk chocolate shards and a generous topping of caramel spread. This is a simple-looking cake that wins in the flavour component. This indulgent cake has a rich, sweet flavour to it. 

Final Thoughts 

When buying a cake for a special person, take note of their likes and dislikes. This will help make the day even more special for them. All of the birthday cakes from Cake Buzz are available in egg-less options and various sizes. So no matter if you’re having a large birthday celebration or a closed-circle one, Cake Buzz will be the perfect place for the cake. These ten best-sellers aren’t the only option available. If your loved one has a different preference, Cake Buzz can cater to that too. 

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