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How to celebrate your birthday amidst the pandemic?

Surely, the coronavirus has transformed our bright smiles to sad frowns to a huge extent. Even those of us who used to love hopping from one café to the other, are mostly confined to our homes. The pandemic has lasted much longer than what we expected it to. Yet, there is always a silver lining to a dark cloud.

  1. Order a delicious cake.
  2. Decoration is a must.
  3. Use video-calling for the right cause.
  4. Be upfront about gifts.
  5. Treat yourself.
  6. Relish a spa day.
  7. Take tons of pictures.
  8. Plan for better times.

1. Order a delicious cake

What’s a birthday without cake? You might have limited access to the ingredients, but has there ever been a limit to creativity? With the majority of companies offering work from home opportunities, you have ample time in your hands to experiment. Check out the recipes on our blog and try following them yourself. If you don’t have the time, need expertise, or have no clue how to bake a cake, feel free to order from Cake Buzz.

2. Decoration is a must.

The decoration is a must for every party, especially so when the pandemic has confined all of us within the four walls of our houses. The right decoration can make the gloomiest of surroundings eclectic. The best way would be to utilize the waste material in your house, like old and used items, newspapers etc. to make decoratives like lanterns and banners.

3. Use video-calling for the right cause.

Coronavirus has made even the least tech-savvy of us well-accustomed to the world of video conferencing. Social media platforms allow more than ten people to get the together-take advantage of it.

Here’s a list of things that you can do to make the virtual hangout more exciting –

  • Set up mood lighting and mood margaritas
  • Create a music playlist that everyone will love.
  • Organize a trivia or stream a movie together.
  • Add some fun to the lives of all your friends by organizing a themed party.

Are you still missing the beaches or the mountains? Fret not, try out Canva’s customizable background images for video calls. Celebrate your birthday in a setting that suits your personality the best.

4. Be upfront about gifts.

The time is tough for everyone, not just mentally but economically as well. Be easy on your loved ones by telling them what you are expecting on your birthday. Do you want them to drop in personalized e-mails, or are you looking for useful gifts? You can even ask them to donate something to a charity on your behalf.

5. Treat yourself

Self-love is the key to being happy. Take the day off your usual routine and do things that genuinely make you smile a tad brighter. Be it anything right from relaxing all morning, enjoying a movie marathon, sipping on a glass of wine in a hot bathtub, or getting your hands all sparkly while doing art, do your favourite things even if they aren’t productive.

6. Relish a spa day

The best salons in town are taking stringing measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. You can head over to your most frequented salon for a makeover. Get those bangs, colour your hair, or simply get that haircut that you have been eyeing for months now. You can also go for a massage session and unwind.

7. Take tons of pictures.

Even your own house can be a photoshoot spot, provided you utilize it in the best manner. Search for the right lighting and background, and you are good to go! Just because you are at your house, doesn’t mean that you can’t glam up.

Put on your makeup, wear your favourite dress, rock those heels or dress boots, and click a ton of pictures. You can spam social media all you want. A celebration is likely to brighten up your followers’ day as well during these distressing times.

8. Plan for better times

Just because the situation isn’t the best right now, doesn’t mean that it would never be. On a positive note, the restaurants are opening up while taking precautions, and so are many other hangout spots. Get in touch with your loved ones and plan a party for the future.

The bottom line

Birthdays come just once in a year and have to be celebrated, no matter what. Whether you are with your family, your partner, or by yourself; there are tons of things that you can do to add excitement to your day. An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop. So, pull up your socks and get ready to be innovative. These tips will make this birthday one that you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

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