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How Long Do Jar Cakes Last?

How Long Do Jar Cakes Last

A decadent and beautifully layered jar cake! Sounds yummy right? Jar cakes are one of the best binge-watch partners. Nonetheless, due to its rich taste and filling nature at times it becomes difficult to finish the entire jar cake at one go. The best part is that you can store jar cakes for quite some time. Are you curious to know how long do jar cakes last?

A jar cake can last up to 2 to 3 days after opening if it is stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. However, jar cakes can stay fresh for up to three to six months if they are kept in sealed condition.

The main challenge lies in storing the jar cake properly. After you open your favourite jar cake and enjoy its blissful taste, you need to properly seal the lid to preserve its magic. This gives you another chance to relive its delicious taste.

How to Store a Jar Cake?

You can preserve a cake simply in the refrigerator. It will easily stay fresh for about 3 – 4 days. If you keep it at room temperature, it will last for only 1 – 2 days. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

You can easily take your jar cake out anytime you crave it from the refrigerator. However, keep the cake at room temperature at least for 20 minutes to bring it back to its normal flavour and texture. It is not mandatory to keep a sealed jar cake in a refrigerator. If you open the seal, then it becomes imperative to store the cake in a fridge. Nonetheless, make sure to close them tightly to avoid excess moisture.

Jar cakes are adorable!

Are you bored eating the same cake for 3 – 4 days? Try new recipes with your jar cake to provide a fresh twist.

What Can You Do With Leftover Jar Cake?

You can make different desserts out of leftover jar cakes with a new twist to make them extra tasty. You can easily make cake pops or fruity trifles or use them as ice cream toppings to enjoy them with other snacks.

Wondering how you will master thesecomplicated recipes? Stop panicking. These are extremely easy, and you won’t require much time to prepare these dishes.

To use jar cakes as ice cream toppings, you simply need to crumble the cake and sprinkle it on your favourite ice cream. Yes, your favourite dessert is ready.

For preparing a fruit trifle, all you need to do is heat an apple on your pan and add your favourite fruits to it. Stir for some time, and then add cake crumbs and some fruit jam. Mix them over the oven for some time, and your fruity trifles are ready. You can serve it in a glass or a bowl and decorate it with some berries to make it more attractive and tasty.

Yes, you can easily try to bake cake pops using very simple steps with the help of readymade jar cakes. Just crumble your cake and make small balls out of it. Bake them for some time in a microwave oven. Stick a small stick to these balls to hold them properly. Now dip the balls into candy coating or whipped cream and add your favourite sprinkles to it. Refrigerate it for some time, and your customized cake pops are ready.

A question might now trouble you if jar cakes are safe enough to be heated in an oven. 

Are Jar Cakes Safe for an Oven? 

No, they are not. Jars have proven over time to be terrible cookware. If you heat the cake while it is still inside the jar, there are chances that it might crack. So avoid heating jar cakes in the oven.

Jars are usually made of glass. So there is a high chance of them cracking. This is mainly due to the thermal shock they receive upon coming in contact with dry heat. 

However, you can always take the cake out from the jar and heat it separately in the oven. There lies a chance of the cake crumbling. But there is nothing to worry about. It will not mess up the taste. Since your main motive behind taking out the cake is to give it a new look and taste through a new recipe, it would not pose a problem in any way.

However, if the cake crumbles too easily without heating, there are high chances that its lifespan has come to an end. So you must examine it carefully to check if it is still edible.

How to Identify If the Cake Has Lost Its Life? 

You can easily identify if a cake has gone bad by its appearance and smell. Once you notice changes, discard the spoilt cake so that there is no harmful effect on your health.

Upon spoiling, the cake crumbs will break easily due to loss of moisture, indicating its approaching end. The texture can also change to slimy. Additionally, if you find that there are moulds on the cake, you can be sure enough that the cake has lost its integrity and cannot be eaten anymore. This acts as a final sign.

However, the cake is often covered with cream. You will then have to cut and inspect it carefully. You may notice that there is a prominent change in the texture of these cakes. This can also act as a reliable indication.

For the second layer of verification, you can simply smell the cake. If the cake smells sour, throw it away instantly. This is important because if others consume the cake by mistake, they can fall sick or even suffer from food poisoning.

Due to its extended life span, you can also consider gifting jar cakes to your friends on their special occasions.

Can You Gift Jar Cakes to Someone?

Yes. You can definitely send jar cakes to your friend residing in a different city. They would find it a really sweet gesture on their special occasions and give them a personalized feeling.

Cakes are the perfect fit for every celebration, whether birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or a normal day you want to make special. By gifting your close ones jar cakes, you can ensure to bring a smile to their face. Also, they feel extremely special on finding that you have customized the jar cake just as they love it. 

Jar cakes remain fresh and edible for a long time if stored correctly. Therefore, you can order a jar cake whenever you want and send it across long distances. If you are worried about how long jar cakes last, this is your answer.

Imagine celebrating the birthdays of two of your friends favouring different flavours of cakes. You cannot buy a large-sized cake for them separately. Again, you cannot buy only two small pastries because that would be too less. These are the exact times’ jar cakes come to the rescue. You can simply order two jar cakes of different flavours to make both happy.

What can be better for a cake lover than receiving a jar cake as a birthday gift? Gone are those days when you gifted dresses and accessories. Be innovative and gift your friend a jar cake on their special occasions.

Do you know a hidden benefit of gifting jar cakes?

You can post cool photos on Instagram and make your friends jealous. Just kidding! You can easily recycle the jar or even reuse the jar at your ease. But yes, no one would stop you from posting cute photos on your story, though. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your favourite jar cake today and relish the smile on your dear one’s face.

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