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Difference Between Fudge And Brownie

Difference Between Fudge And Brownie

It’s quite difficult to choose between a fudge and a brownie as they both are tremendously tasty. However, understanding the difference between fudge and brownie might help you select better. 

Making fudge is easy, and the ingredients required include chocolate and condensed milk (sweetened). Moreover, you can always add nuts, marshmallows, cookies, peanut butter, or dried fruit in your fudge, according to your taste. However, in comparison, making a brownie requires separate ingredients, including flour, eggs, and cocoa powder. 

Multiple bakers even say that a fudge is more like candy, while a brownie is like a mini version of cake. 

Continue reading to understand how these two confectioneries that seem kind of similar are not so similar after all. 

What are the differences between fudge and brownie in terms of texture?

A brownie is made of flour, and it is lighter and softer when compared to a fudge. On the other hand, a fudge carries a denser texture and can be of different flavours unlike a brownie. At a glance, a brownie and a fudge will look similar, but once you put them in your mouth, you can feel the difference in their texture, taste, and overall experience.  

Though both these confectioneries are mouth-watering and can leave you confused about which one to choose, understanding their difference will let you pick the one that best suits your taste buds.

A fudge has a naturally softer texture, and a brownie usually sports a crusty look. However, a fudge is thicker and feels harder in the mouth. Many bakers seem to compare the look of fudge with ice cream cheese. It is common knowledge that a brownie is a cake, but it is not. Just like a cake, it might resemble some of its fluffiness, but the two have many differences. 

As the texture of a brownie and fudge are different from one another, it is obvious the ingredients used in preparing them are also different. For making a brownie, bakers use all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, eggs, butter, and oil.

Whenever you think of a brownie, the thought of chocolate tags along. However, there is no chocolate in a brownie, just cocoa powder. It is the cocoa powder that gives a brownie its chocolatey taste. 

Contrastingly, a fudge requires ingredients apart from milk, butter, and sugar. To intensify the flavour, bakers add nuts, chocolate, fruits, marshmallow, candies, butterscotch, etc. 

How does a brownie and a fudge differ in price and taste?

A fudge and a brownie taste very different from one another. A fudge carries a richer taste, is sweeter, and feels heavy in the stomach in comparison to a brownie. You can also customise the taste of a brownie and fudge by adding ingredients you like. Likewise, the price will vary.

Taste-wise, there are different kinds of fudges – white chocolate, salted dark chocolate, peppermint chocolate, white coconut chocolate, buckeye, cheesecake and almond joy, to name a few. However, thorough observation over the years has found that pure chocolate fudge is the most sold and most-favoured flavour among all fudge lovers. Consumers reported that this treat has the most unforgettable taste, and its flavour lingers for a long time. 

Fudge is a candy, and its basic ingredient is chocolate, while some of the common add-ons to the recipe can include peanut butter, nuts, dried fruits, and similar other stuff. However, when making a brownie, mostly nuts are added with its basic ingredients. 

Unlike the large diversity of fudges, there is just another type of brownie in terms of flavour. It is called a blondie or blond brownie. In making a blond brownie, cocoa is not used as this baked confectionery exhibits a strong vanilla flavour. Furthermore, a brownie can be cakey or chewy, depending upon its density. 

Although prices are mostly similar, if there are multiple ingredients in a fudge, it will cost more. Similarly, if a brownie is made with additional ingredients, its price will increase. Thus, determining the exact cost of either of these treats is not necessarily possible.

How to keep a fudge or brownie fresh for a longer time?

In general, keeping a fudge or brownie fresh for a long time simply requires proper airtight storage conditions. Keeping the dessert in an airtight container in a refrigerator works wonders.

The type of ingredients used in making these treats matter and determines how long they can stay fresh. In general, you can save the freshness of a brownie or a fudge in the following ways:

  1. Store it in an airtight container or add multiple layers of saran wrap and vacuum seal it in your favourite Tupperware container to keep the moisture locked in. 
  2. In the case of fudge, you can also store it in your refrigerator and take it out a couple of hours before you wish to enjoy it. 
  3. And, in the case of a brownie, you can store it at room temperature in an airtight container. However, try to eat your brownies within 1 or 2 days after baking and cutting it into pieces. 

Now that you have understood the difference between fudge and brownie, it is time to go and buy some. However, considering their different ingredients, you should browse the offerings of different bakers before choosing what suits you the best. 

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