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Bizzare myths about cakes


Cakes make any occasion memorable. Thus, they are the subject of manly lively conversations. Consecutively, we often hear several myths associated with them as well. Let’s bust a couple of them in this blog.

Myth#1 – Wedding cakes need to be white

Who made that rule? White cakes suit a minimalistic wedding, but you can go with a colour that suits your wedding theme the best. Moreover, your wedding cake should reflect your personality and speak to your soul. You have the freedom to go with even darker colours like plum purple, or black. It is your wedding at the end of the day. You set the rules.

Myth#2 – If you open the oven door before the cake is baked, it will ruin the cake.

We understand that all of our mothers have said this to us at some time or the other. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it will certainly not ruin your cake. After the initial 10 minutes, when the cake is set, you can open the oven door for all you want. The temperature inside is too warm to be ruined with a whiff of room temperature air. It will rise like it would have had the oven door been shut throughout the process.

Once the cake is set, it is rather advisable to keep a check on it to prevent it from getting too brown on one side. You can also rotate it periodically to provide for well-rounded heating.

Myth#3 – A wedding cake has to be a fruitcake

Believe it or not, most of the couples are going with sponge cakes now. So, this is the right time to let go of long drawn out traditions. Trust your intuition and go with a cake that you want t serve at your wedding and not one that the custom commands you to.

Myth#4 – Margarine makes for a healthier alternative than butter

We know that health freaks have hailed this myth for quite some time now. But let’s bust your bubble. As far as the calorie count is considered, both compete for it neck-to-neck. If you look at the texture and the taste of the cake, there is hardly any difference,

If your mother’s recipes include butter and not margarine, go for them. Stop sweating over getting fat and give in to your cravings. Everyone deserves a cheat day.

Myth#5 – Cake toppers cannot be unique

You can go down the conventional way by choosing a couple as a cake topping, but it isn’t compulsory. If you are a fun-loving couple, you can go for a funny cake topper. Your guests will be amazed by your choice and will remember it for the times to come. You can be romantic or wild too. You can choose any cake topper that makes your celebration a unique one.

Myth#6 – Red velvet cakes ought to have food grade colour

To prove that it is not a misnomer to ourselves, we add food grade red colour to red velvet cakes. It is a myth as the red colour is due to the reaction between vinegar, buttermilk and cocoa in the cake.

The next time you bake a cake, stick to an authentic recipe. You will fall in love with red velvet cakes all over again.

Myth#7 – You need fruitcake as the bottom tier to make the cake stay

If you have professionals like CakeBuzz by your side, there will be no need for this. One must ensure that the internal structure of the cake is robust to make the cake stay. If the cake is staked properly, it will make it without collapsing.

Myth#8 – You need baking paper to bake a cake.

We guess that some store with exorbitant baking paper supply popularized this saying. The reality is far away from this. You don’t need to line the tin with baking paper to whip out impeccable cakes. Wondering how? Follow these steps –

  • Use butter or cooking oil to grease the tin.
  • Next, dust it with some flour.
  • Invert the tin to shake off the excess flour
  • Pour the batter

We assure you that your effort will not go in vain and you will enjoy a deliciously baked cake.

Myth#9 – You can only have multi-tiered round cakes at your wedding.

We cannot stress this enough – LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH IN YOUR WEDDING. If you don’t want to stick to round-shaped multi-tiered cakes, leave them. They use to be a trend in the past and probably the only options out there. The times have changed, and so should the shape of the cakes. You can go with anything, be it rectangular, triangular or heart-shaped cakes.

You can even choose if you want the cake to be multi-tiered or not. Everything boils down to your personal preferences.

The bottom line

We hope that we were able to circulate some truths related to cakes through this blog. If you want to book a wedding cake that truly speaks to your soul or a piece of heaven to treat yourself, reach out to Cake Buzz.

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