Top 8 Best Birthday Cakes For Your Husband


Your husband, the man who makes you smile at even the worst of times is special indeed. He is one of the most important person in your life. On his birthday, make him feel as unique as he is.

When figuring out how to make your husband feel special on his birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is cake. This is the best gift for a man with a sweet tooth. A cake is the simplest way to celebrate your husband’s birthday for the man who likes a quiet day with no frills.

There are several cakes to celebrate your husband’s birthday, but having so much choice leads to confusion. So, we have curated some of the top cakes that husbands worldwide prefer. Choose the one that he likes best.

Anniversary heart pinata cake

Chocolate Pinata Cake

You have heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but have you ever thought of making a cake of it? The anniversary heart pinata cake from Cake Buzz is a show-stealer. It is beautiful to look at, has the right mix of crunchy and soft, and is the most fun cake your husband can have. As the name signifies, the cake comes in the shape of a 3-dimensional heart. The ‘case’ is a crunchy encasing of tempered chocolate. At Cake Buzz, we use red to make it as aesthetic as possible. Edible glitter is also an addition to the heart. 

The cake within the ‘heart’ is a decadent chocolate cake. It comes with chocolate ganache between layers of cake. The delicious chocolate cake comes in layers. You can choose buttercream frosting instead of ganache.

The best part of this cake is that it comes with a hammer. The hammer is to smash the chocolate heart casing. You can have a fun time breaking it up into tiny pieces or smashing the heart with a single swing of the hammer. Then, it is time to indulge-in moist, melt-in-your-mouth cake with the crunch of the tempered chocolate. Believe us, with this heart pinata cake; you will be taking birthday celebrations to a whole new level.

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Choco truffle

Pure choco truffle

Chocolate cakes are universally popular. They come with different names. They are also made in various ways. Delicious chocolate cakes that make you want more come laden with chocolate-y goodness. A chocolate truffle is one of the most sought-after chocolate cakes. The chocolate cake that makes the one at Cake Buzz so unique is sweet and has a texture that you won’t forget soon. It melts into your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Chocolate truffles usually use a chocolate ganache made with cream. This ganache comes with whipped cream and dark chocolate. There are options to choose dairy-free whipping cream. The truffle has a mirror-like chocolate glaze that adds to its beauty. Decorating the chocolate truffle is another characteristic that makes this cake stand out from other chocolate cakes. The decorating options are countless. We use chocolate leaves, shavings, garnish with sprinkles or edible pearls.

The chocolate glaze can cover the entire surface of the cake. It can also be a drizzle, like the one on Cake Buzz’s chocolate truffle. The drizzle could be on one side of the cake, or it could ooze down from the top to all the sides. Choosing this option gives your guests the choice of how much chocolate they want to consume. There will be cake slices with a little glaze for those who do not want too much. 

The chocolate truffle is a cake for all ages. It is classic and delicious. It is also versatile. It caters to people of all ages. So, if you are entertaining, your guests will vouch for your superior taste— in men and cakes.

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Red velvet

Red Velvet

Like whiskey, red velvet is an acquired taste. The muted chocolate with the tang of whichever sour agent your baker is adding, along with the most wonderful cream cheese frosting! Need we say more? 

Red velvet cakes were all the rage a few years ago. They were the Pull-me-up cakes of the 2010s. Now, if that got you thinking that we are talking about an old-fashioned cake, you need to think again. Red velvet cakes are back in the game. They are one of the most popular cakes for a husband’s birthday. They are not overly sweet, have more than one flavor profile, and are red. How much better can a cake get? 

These cakes usually come with a simple cream cheese frosting. The cake itself is a red, airy, and light cake, a flavor bomb. So, if you are expecting a characterless cake with almost no taste, then you are in for a surprise. Red velvet cakes have cocoa and curd or vinegar. The sour agent is what makes it so light and fluffy. It is also the surprise element when you bite into the cake. The subtle tartness of the cake then mixes with the glorious cream cheese frosting to give you one of the best textures in the history of pastry.

Red velvet cakes are subtle, like the hints you give your husband about cleaning up his mess. But when you take a bigger bite, there is a wave of flavor and texture in your mouth (quite like the joy he makes you feel when he is not sloppy).

Some bakers like to add pistachios to enhance the flavor of the red velvet cakes. At Cake Buzz, we like to keep it simple so you can relish the authentic taste of the cake. However, we are open to customization.

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Black forest

Black Forest

If your husband is the kind who gets nostalgic, then this is the cake to choose. A baker once told his apprentices that if they could bake a proper black forest cake, they would have truly arrived in the world of patisserie. 

For many people, black forest cakes are comfort food. It is the cake that they would choose if they wanted to spend no time picking a cake. Why you may wonder…Well, it is because of how fail-proof this cake has always been.

There are layers of moist chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, and cherries in between, white frosting, and chocolate shavings! Is your mouth watering yet? Black forest cakes have evolved over the years, but in terms of design, old is gold. Most black forest cakes follow the tried-and-tested method, but what sets the black forest cake from Cake Buzz is how airy it is. The frosting perfectly complements the cake without being too heavy on the palate.

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Oreo cake

Again, this cake could take your husband on a trip down memory lane. Oreo cakes are one of Cake Buzz’s bestsellers. If there is anything that could be better than a chocolate cake, or even a black forest cake for your husband’s birthday, it is the Oreo cake.

This cake comes with Oreo biscuits as part of the cake batter. It also has a frosting that combines the goodness of vanilla, whipping cream and Oreo cream. As if that wasn’t sinful enough, the chefs at Cake Buzz like to decorate the cake with Oreo cookies. We also have a secret that we can tell you now… we add a generous (ahem, very generous) sprinkle of crushed Oreo cookies to our frosting.

Although the Oreo cake is like a Marvel superhero when ordering for kids, husbands seem to like them a lot too. So, if your husband is still a kid at heart, go ahead and pamper him with this delectable cake. Cake Buzz also offers customization options. If you require a specific look, we will be glad to cater if given enough time.

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If one flavor can give chocolate some competition, it is butterscotch. Yes, chocolate is lovely, but to bite into a slice of cake, and feel the crunch of butterscotch praline while the cake melts in your mouth, is the best way to celebrate your husband’s birthday. This birthday cake for your husband will never go wrong (unless he is a die-hard chocolate lover and has a nut allergy).

Butterscotch cakes are a notch above the humble vanilla sponge. They have that mind-boggling factor-the praline. Butterscotch is usually made by caramelizing sugar with cashews or other nuts and breaking it into smaller pieces or crumbly powder. It is a labor of love to get the caramelization right. 

The butterscotch pieces are lovely when in your mouth. There is a beautiful crackle that it has. When you bite into a slice of butterscotch cake, you can relish the creamy texture of the cake and frosting and then enjoy the crunch of the caramel.

Most bakers create their versions of butterscotch cake. The basic cake is a vanilla sponge. Some creators believe in going the extra mile for their beloved customers. So, they add some butterscotch sauce to the cake batter. This makes the cake more butterscotchy. 

For the frosting, a Swiss meringue vanilla frosting, a vanilla dairy-free topping, or a simple vanilla frosting will go a long way. But what makes it topnotch is when the frosting gets a liberal dose of butterscotch on it. At Cake Buzz, we like to coat our cakes with butterscotch praline so that you get the right amount of flavor. Our Butterscotch Delight has a generous dribble of butterscotch sauce as well. If required, we add some chocolate sauce to the topping as well. 

For the man who does not like chocolate but has a sweet tooth, butterscotch cakes are among the best cakes for your husband’s birthday. They are light, easy on the palate, and an all-time favorite. 

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Fruit-based cakes have been around for a long time. They have been the choice for those who are not overly fond of chocolate or butterscotch. They are one of the options for your husband’s birthday cake if you are looking for a change. 

Blueberry is an exotic flavor that comes with the right tang. A delicious mix of sweet and sour, blueberry cheesecakes and cakes have been one of our best-sellers. These cakes come with a blueberry frosting- a blend of whipped cream and blueberry preserve. The deep purple of the frosting makes it one of the most exciting cakes to photograph. 

You do not have to order just a blueberry cake. We offer this as an option in our list of gourmet cakes. So, you can choose the blueberry cake instead of a chocolate cake in one of the special cakes we offer. 

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Rainbow forever


A rainbow is a sign of joy. It is a mark of new beginnings after a storm. A rainbow cake is a perfect cake for your husband’s birthday. As your husband’s birthday cake, it represents all that your relationship stands for– hope, joy, love, understanding, care, protection, and affection. The rainbow cake comes with a vanilla sponge. Some rainbow cakes contain colored cakes for each layer to add to the aesthetic effect. 

Cake Buzz’s rainbow cakes usually fly off our shelves. There is an excellent reason for this. Our Rainbow Forever cake has the best of all worlds. It has six layers of the softest sponge you have ever tasted. It also has a frosting that is the right amount of sweet, so your taste buds are left wanting more. 

We added some colorful tempered chocolate as a cake topper if this was not enough. The cake is coated with a white swiss meringue frosting or a whipped one. Then, a generous drizzle of colorful sauces adds to the beautiful look. The tempered chocolate bits add to the look. We also use chocolate sprinkles to add to the festive look. 

Cake Buzz’s Rainbow Forever cake is ideal for your husband’s birthday because it celebrates the man, your love, and everything that your marriage stands for. It also signifies hope for your future together. 

Order Rainbow Forever Here

There are a few occasions that demand the best. At Cake Buzz, we believe in delivering nothing but the best. We love to be a part of your celebrations. We use the best quality ingredients and follow stringent food safety measures to ensure that your day of celebration is the best. We also offer different options for delivery so that your surprises are always spot-on. 

So, go ahead, order your husband’s birthday cake with us. We would love to be a part of your beautiful celebrations. You can get in touch with our chefs if you require any customization. We would be glad to work with you to create the cake of your choice for the man of your dreams. 

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