Top 5 Best Birthday Cake For Your Boyfriend

best birthday cake for boyfriend

What is a birthday celebration without a cake? Over time, cakes have come to be the most important part of a birthday celebration. You can have gifts, parties or even trips. But nothing compares to a delectable birthday cake. At Cake Buzz, we understand this sentiment. We also work to make the best cakes for your loved ones.

A boyfriend’s birthday is a special time. It is the time to show how special he is. While you can express love in different ways- by giving and receiving, there is always something remarkable about birthdays. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, you can experience love through words, touch, gifts, and spending quality time with each other.

A birthday is a time for all of these- a time to say, ‘You are the most important person in my life.’ And there is no better way than to say it with cake. Cake Buzz offers midnight delivery options so that you do not have to wait to surprise your boyfriend with a cake. You can get the party started with us delivering your boyfriend’s birthday cake at midnight.

Since birthday cakes for boyfriends are so important, we have put together a list of the best cakes to buy to celebrate a birthday. Here are our top 5 cakes-

5. Kitkat cake:

kit kat cake

Remember how much we loved eating Kitkat? That sharp crack when it breaks, the crunch, and then that mouth-watering chocolate! If we have got your drooling already, you are in great company. One of our best-sellers, Kitkat cake is a chocolate lover’s dream. It is usually a round cake. Kitkat fingers line the cake. So, you get a cake that has a lovely Kitkat wall for a border.

Usually, we use a chocolate cake for this one. Gooey, moist chocolate cake contrasts with the crunch of Kitkat. We have a few options for frosting. You can choose from chocolate ganache to milder milk chocolate frosting. We also add crunchy bits of Kitkat to add the oomph factor to your cake.

If you are looking to customize this cake, you have many options as well. Since the cake resembles a puddle of the most decadent chocolate, you could add a few sugar figurines to make a story. For example, if there is a particularly rainy day that you want to commemorate on your boyfriend’s birthday cake, you can add two figurines standing with their feet in the chocolate frosting.

Kitkat cakes are indulgent. You can make them more indulgent by adding more chocolates. M&Ms, Gems, truffles, dragging and nut pops are some options. You can also add chocolate shavings and nuts. Some of our clients prefer to add strawberries, candied pineapples, and stewed apples to the cake as well.
Like we said, sinful decadence is not too far away when you order a Kitkat cake.

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4. Choco Truffle

Pure choco truffle

Are you even a chocoholic if you have not had a chocolate truffle? This is one of the most fool-proof cakes. Always a favorite among our clients, this cake is a chocolate lover’s delight. This is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. This is a wonderful multi-layered chocolate cake with oodles of frosting. There is an additional coating of chocolate ganache around the cake. We add chocolate flakes and chocolate sprinkles to this. Dollops of whipped chocolate cream add to the dreamy feel of this cake. Chocolate glaze can be another addition to the cake.

Some chocolate truffle cakes come with a hint of orange. There are some variations to the topping as well. The usual one is chocolate shavings. Chocolate decorations with tempered chocolate are also an option. Sometimes, clients prefer to have chocolates added to the cake.

The usual choices are dragging, nutty, truffles, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Sometimes, clients also choose to have fruits on their cakes. Strawberries are the best to top truffle cakes. Sometimes, people choose tropical fruits like pineapple and kiwi. Apples, blueberries, oranges, and cherries are also possible toppings.

The chocolate truffle cake is so delicious, it is impossible to have just a slice. Since it is a birthday cake for your boyfriend, this is one of the best choices. Why settle for mediocre when you can have the best?

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3. Choco Mocha

Choco mocha

If there is something more sinful than chocolate, it is chocolate and coffee. This is inspired by the classic mochaccino. This is the ideal birthday cake for a boyfriend who loves his morning cuppa. It has a rich, dark, moist chocolate cake at its base. A coffee-based buttercream adds to the decadence. At Cake Buzz, we use a swiss meringue choco-mocha buttercream. It is a crowd-pleaser. The silky buttercream combines with the light and airy cake to make your day memorable.

This cake also has a delicious chocolate garnish. You can also opt for a chocolate-coffee cake. We use hot coffee in the cake, along with cocoa powder to make the chocolate stand out. The choco-mocha buttercream also has a generous drizzle of chocolate ganache. You can also choose to have a chocolate ganache drip. This is the ultimate marriage of coffee and chocolate. Go ahead, order this to make your boyfriend’s birthday extra special.

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2. My Bunny

My Bunny Cake

This cake is a Cake Buzz specialty. Exclusive, wonderful, and amazing, this is a one-of-a-kind way to say, ‘I love you.’ This cake is named ‘My Bunny’ for a reason. When in love, every couple has a unique relationship. The ‘My Bunny’ cake is a representation of your relationship. The highlight of this cake is the customized caricature of a couple on the fondant covering the cake.

For those who do not like fondant, we also offer fresh cream or whipped cream options. With tiny hearts dotting the entire cake, your boyfriend is going to feel extra loved when he sees this cake. We also offer cake toppers that say, ‘I love you’ or any message of your choice written in little red hearts.

Since this cake is as unique as your relationship, it comes in many flavors. You can choose to combine the most-loved chocolate truffle or choco-mocha cake with this one. It also comes in one of the most universally loved flavors- black forest. The scrumptious chocolate cake, filled with the softest frosting, cherries, and chocolate shavings will come covered with whipped cream.

Cake Buzz also gives you the choice of fruity flavors- blueberry, mango, pineapple, and strawberry. Other options include oreo, white chocolate, butterscotch, and hazelnut. Yes, we know, we love to spoil you for choice. After all, a boyfriend’s birthday cake is one of the highlights of your year. Why settle for something that is less than the best?

We understand that you want to show your boyfriend how much you care. Then, why limit your choices to one flavor? The ‘My Bunny’ cake is more popular because it packs two in one- it carries the choice of flavor, and some of the cutest illustrations you can have on a cake.

So for those of you who do not want chocolate (yes, we know that ilk exists), there are so many options to choose from. The chefs at Cake Buzz understand the value you give to your boyfriend’s birthday cake. This is why we look forward to your involvement. You can give us a picture of the two of you together so we can create a caricature on the cake.

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1. Heart-shaped Pinata cake:


Have you thought of smashing your boyfriend’s birthday cake? No, we are not talking about creating a scene. We are talking about literally having a smashing party.

A pinata cake is one of the most fun cakes you can buy. The Mexican tradition of breaking open a pinata filled with goodies is the inspiration behind this cake. The pinata cake is a hit with people of all ages. Covered with a hard coating of tempered chocolate, this cake comes with a hammer. It has a 3-D coating that is Instagram-friendly. Speaking of social media, the smashing of the pinata cake can be an amazing boomerang video.

The pinata cake is usually a chocolate cake. It is usually a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or frosting. However, this is not the only one. You can also choose a vanilla sponge with white chocolate frosting.

Chocolate releases serotonin and phenylethylamine. These chemicals are similar to the ones when we fall in love. So, a chocolate cake makes you feel happy and in love. These good endorphins add to the birthday cheer. And a plus, it makes you feel wonderful in love (as if that is even required!)

Again, there are multiple options while ordering a heart-shaped pinata cake with Cake Buzz. You can choose to decorate the cake in different ways. We offer a drizzle of chocolate sauce, chocolate ganache, or chocolate pearls. The heart in itself is a beautiful piece of work. But if you want it to add a personalized look, you can choose from white, milk, or dark chocolate for the drizzle. You can also add chocolate sprinkles, shavings, edible pearls, or flutes. If you do not want to overdo the chocolate, you can choose from seasonal fruits or candied ones.

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How do you choose your boyfriend’s birthday cake?

Everyone has preferences when it comes to cake. Usually, people order the cake based on the following factors-


Any bakery would vouch for the importance of taste. If the cake is not tasty, then nobody enjoys it. Sometimes, cakes are too sweet. Cakes can also not be tasty because the baker has not used good quality ingredients. Some cakes taste like they were just put together, instead of baked with love. The taste of the cake depends largely on the ingredients. With the right ingredients and the best baking techniques, the taste becomes great.

The flavor of the cake is another major factor. Most people prefer chocolate. Some like fruit-based flavors. There are many flavors that are trending these days. Oreo, Lotus Biscoff, and ras malai are some innovative flavors. You can choose a flavor that your boyfriend likes. You can also choose to mix and experiment with flavors for your boyfriend’s birthday cake. Choosing the right flavor goes a long way towards making the cake awesome.

The appearance of the cake is also vital. A cake that looks plain can be a party-pleaser, but with so many options nowadays, you can make your boyfriend’s birthday cake extra special. A heart-shaped cake is a wonderful way to convey your love. You can also choose the basic round or square shapes, and then decorate the cake according to your taste. You can also choose unconventional shapes.

Unconventional shapes are the choice when you want to convey a memory. At Cake Buzz, we deliver cakes shaped like cars, bikes, bottles, and such. If you use a basic shape, we can embellish it with figurines that remind your boyfriend or something.

Summing Up:

Reignite the romance. Create new memories. Celebrate the love of your life with the most delicious of cakes. We have simplified your task of choosing the best cake for your boyfriend. Forget the gifts, your boyfriend’s birthday cake will be the highlight of his year.

When you order with Cake Buzz, you can choose from a wide range of toppings. You can also add a personal touch with customization. You can take your pick from different flavors, frostings, and so on, to make your boyfriend’s birthday cake as special as it is. Choosing a cake has never been this easy. You can head to our website, and select the cake of your choice. We also offer a drop-down menu with optional flavors. You can choose the one that suits you, for a birthday cake for your boyfriend.

We also give you various options for delivery- at midnight or practically at any time of the day. If you have planned a surprise, and want a cake at short notice, we can even deliver the cake in two hours (unless it requires a lot of customization). So, go ahead, express your love for your special someone with one of the best-sellers from Cake Buzz.

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