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The Best Online Cake Shop in Coimbatore

If there’s one thing common about birthdays, it’s celebrating with a cake. Having your loved ones gather to celebrate you is a joyous moment you get just once a year. That’s why you need the best cakes for your special day.  

Cake Buzz handmakes fresh cakes to your exact specifications. Our bakers follow strict hygiene standards and use the best ingredients to make your cake. If you are in need of the” best birthday cake shop near me” then go for Cake Buzz. If it’s a celebration for you, it’s a celebration for us. 

Order Birthday Cakes Online 

We’ve all been the person frantically looking for cakes at the last minute. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You can order birthday cakes online at Cake Buzz. We’ll deliver the cakes on the same day. Our deliveries are seamlessly scheduled on the website. You can choose a convenient time slot for you, and we will deliver your cake on the dot. We guarantee to deliver your cake as fresh and pristine as it was in our shop. 

You can customize the topping and decorations on our birthday cakes. Just select the cake and the message you want. If you have any custom requests, you can hop on a call with us to discuss your theme and requirements. We can also make eggless birthday cakes. Make the specification when you order the birthday cake online.

Birthday Cake Online Order Coimbatore

Cake Buzz birthday cakes online order also available for order on Zomato. You can shop from our branches at Ramanathapuram, Ganapathy, or Singanallur and get your cake delivered to you. You can also request custom messages on the cake when you order your birthday cake through Zomato. 

Midnight Birthday Cake Delivery In Coimbatore

It’s always special to celebrate an occasion when the clock strikes 12. And our birthday cake delivery is at 12 AM. By delivering the cake just before 12 AM, it is easier to hide the surprise from your loved one. We do midnight cake delivery in Coimbatore. This also guarantees that the birthday cake is fresh when you cut into it. 

Call 9655449210 to place your midnight order and make this year a memorable birthday for your loved one. 

Top Selling Birthday Cakes 

Everyone has a cake flavour that they like most. Lucky for you, Cake Buzz has just about all birthday cake flavours for your celebration. Choose from our wide range of specialty cakes on your special day. We also offer surprise cake delivery in Coimbatore for a special birthday celebrations. 

Themed Cakes

When your birthday party has a theme, it’s only fitting if the cake matches that theme, right? Our artistic bakers at Cake Buzz can design exotic fondant cakes and themed cakes. We have superhero birthday cakes, teddy bear themed cakes, F1 cakes, and more! You can also talk to our team to come up with a custom design. Send us your vision, and we’ll make it happen!

Traditional Birthday Cakes 

If you think of a birthday cake, your mind goes to a black forest or a chocolate flavoured cake. Though there are a lot of trending flavours, there’s a special love for traditional cakes. And we are connoisseurs at traditional cake baking. Our list of chocolate cakes goes on and on. We have pure truffle birthday cakes, choco-chip N truffle cake, choco-mocha cake and more! We also have four takes on the fan-favourite black forest cake. Our large cakes catalogue makes us the best birthday cake delivery service in Coimbatore. 

Fruit-Flavoured Cakes 

We have a wide range of fruit-flavoured cakes. We have strawberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple, and more fruit flavours. We handpick all of our fruits to deliver only the best to you. That’s why some of our fruit-flavoured cakes are seasonal. We also have a mixed berry cake if you can’t make up your mind. 

Indian Style Cakes 

We have a variety of Indian dessert cakes, including Gulab Jamun cake, Rasmalai cake, and Gulkhand mousse. These cakes are the perfect mid-point between the delicious Indian desserts and the scrumptious cakes. Our cakes are topped with a generous helping of Indian desserts, so it’s two for the price of one!

Tiered Cakes 

If you’re hitting a landmark birthday, it’s only fitting that you celebrate with a cake that signifies the occasion. And that’s exactly what tiered cakes do. The towering cake makes any birthday celebration that much more exciting. Our tier cakes usually have three layers. But you can customise it to be bigger if you’re catering to a large party. Order tiered cakes in advance as the extra layers take extra time and love to prepare. 

Suspenseful Cakes 

A normal one-tier cake has become a thing of the past. Your cakes can contain an element of surprise too! Our trending cakes like the bomb cake, piñata cake, and the pull-me-up cake do just that. Each of these cakes has an element of excitement and surprise that adds to the birthday celebration. If you want to make it an unforgettable birthday celebration, order these suspenseful birthday cakes online now!

All of our birthday cakes are available in an eggless variety which you can specify while placing your order. We also have different sizes available for all cakes. You can get regular cakes in 500gms, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, and 2.5kg weight ranges. If you’re ordering a tiered cake, the starting size is 2.5kg. But you can get tiered cakes in the 3kg, 3.5kg, 4kg, and 4.5kg weight range. We also offer cakes for bulk orders to make celebration an unforgettable moment.

We at Cake Buzz love to be a part of your special day. Nothing brings us more joy than getting to celebrate a trip around the sun with you. Our online birthday cake delivery lets you start your new year with the best tasting food. 


  1. What is the starting price for birthday cakes?
    Our smallest cakes come in 500gm weight. Our price starts at Rs. 425.
  2. Are only birthday cakes available at Cake Buzz
    We have a wide range of cakes that celebrate just about any occasion. You can also order savouries like sandwiches, samosas, and Kaari from us.
  3. How can I order online from Cake Buzz?
    Online orders are available both through Zomato and from our website. We guarantee the best birthday cake delivery for your day.