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Christmas Cake Delivery in Coimbatore

What is Christmas without a decadent Christmas cake? Traditional Christmas cakes are moist, rich, and unmatched flavor. The choicest ingredients go into our Christmas cake varieties including melting plum cakes, exotic plum cakes, Santa cakes, and Christmas tree cakes with an array of flavors for the most indulgent explosion of tastes on your tongue.

When do you order a plum cake?

The plum cake has become an integral part of Christmas festivities with its characteristic aroma and brown shade. Many of our customers like to order plum cakes to give to their near and dear ones. We undertake bulk orders and also customized ones. 

Christmas is a time when the family gets together and celebrates the birth of Christ. Nowadays, with families being in different parts of the globe, festivals are a time for being together and enjoying good food, sharing, and creating memories. A delicious Christmas lunch does not feel complete unless followed by some Christmas pudding or a decadent plum cake from Cake Buzz. 

A plum cake is an indulgence. The spices that we add to the cake give you a warm feeling when you eat it. It is the ideal cake to have when the weather is chilly. It adds to the warmth you feel while sitting surrounded by your loved ones and partaking in the festivities. 

What is special about plum cake?

A plum cake is like no other. It does not follow any of the fancy French pastry methods. It is an old, tried-and-tested recipe that reminds you of lazy afternoons spent at home. The aroma takes you back to the days of your childhood when an older member of the house used to bake before a festival. 

Plum cakes are traditional. They are without frosting or flairs. They carry the goodness of dry fruits and spices. They are usually referred to as ‘warm cakes’ because of the ingredients. They are particularly preferred during Christmas because of the cold. 

How did the plum cake come into being?

Plum cake has its origin in medieval England. It was a custom to go through a period of self-denial, fasting, and abstinence from most kinds of indulgence in the weeks leading up to Christmas. People believed that fasting was essential to prepare the body for the overindulgence and excesses of Christmas.

They cooked and ate a rich porridge to line the stomach for the excesses of the next day’s feast on Christmas Eve. People made porridge with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, and meat. The plum cake can trace its roots back to this very porridge. As the recipe evolved, more ingredients found their way into the porridge. Flour replaced oats, and they added eggs and butter to the mixture. This would be how porridge turned into a cake. 

Get the Best Christmas Plum Cake from Cake Buzz!

As we like to call the plum cake, the Christmas cake is unique because of its ingredients. Traditionally, the ingredients consist mainly of dry fruits. Sometimes, we add candied orange peel and candied fruits. Seasoned chefs soak these fruits in alcohol for an extended period. The fruits soak up the alcohol, and this enhances the flavor. There are also non-alcoholic versions of the same. 

The soaking process makes sure the dry and candied fruits that go into the cake are steeped in flavor. Soaking the dry fruits is a family ritual, and more recently, most hotels have invited their customers to be a part of this. Many bakeries and restaurants have a ‘soaking festival’ where all the cooks and guests are involved in the soaking of the fruits.

Order our plum cake now to make your Christmas extra special and bring back memories of long-forgotten Christmas festivities.