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At Cake Buzz, there’s no such thing as a dull day with a cake! We are home to a range of customized and ready-to-eat cakes. Made from the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world, combined with our superior preparatory methods, our uber-soft cakes are sure to melt in your mouth! Online cake order, payment and doorstep delivery make for a seamless experience. A party without cake is just a meeting. We deliver the freshest of cakes, right at your doorstep. No extra charges. Choose from a wide range of flavors, sizes and options. Our USP is that we deliver cakes at midnight. Perfect for surprises, right?

Cake Buzz is one of the most reputed cake shops in Ganapathy. Renowned for its quality, taste, and innovative design, Cake Buzz specializes in custom cakes such as wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, engagement cakes, kid’s birthday cakes, theme cakes, photo cakes, celebration cakes, and more. We focus on taste and quality. Our custom cake designs are stunning & a class apart from anything you have seen. Browse our vast collection of designs before you order.  The best cake shop near you is Cake Buzz, where you may discover cakes in a wide range with mouthwatering flavours that are freshly baked in-house. Surprise your loved ones with baked cakes in finger-licking flavors every time you order a cake online in Ganapathy from us.

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Online Cake Delivery in Cake Buzz

Birthdays come only once a year. Gift your fabulous friends a wonderful cake from Cake Buzz and show them how much you love them. Our delicious cakes are bound to make their day. They’re married? Even better. Celebrate their wedding day with anniversary cakes from Cake Buzz. Choose from our dazzling variety of decadent cakes present in different flavors, colors and sizes. We are one of the best cake shops in Ganapathy for home delivery. We specialize in providing the best online cake delivery and midnight cake delivery in Ganapathy. Simply contact us, and we deliver right to your doorstep. We offer the yummiest cakes near your area with your choice of fresh egg or eggless cakes.

The Cake Buzz is one of the best cake shops in Ganapathy providing you with a wide variety of cakes and pastries Online. Celebrate your birthdays, and anniversaries by ordering a cake nearby your location. Online cake delivery in Ganapathy has become possible, you can celebrate your memorable events with Cake Buzz. We offer Midnight cake delivery too, simply order cake online in Ganapathy and we are ready to give a surprise cake delivery. What are you waiting for? Order birthday cake online, now.

Our eggless cakes are carefully curated with the freshest of ingredients. Taste one of our eggless cakes and you will agree that our cakes made without using eggs are not a compromise but a delight. We make delicious eggless cakes in all shapes and sizes. The basic idea of gifting is to put that coveted smile on your loved one’s lips. So the next time you have to send a gift, think no more & choose Cake Buzz. We deliver fresh cakes on the same day & we also have midnight delivery options.

Cake Buzz was born with the mission of being a part of our customers’ celebration by catering for superior quality cakes.

Quality Ingredients

We never bake with sub-standard ingredients. The higher the quality of ingredients, the better the dish’s flavour. And we’re committed to making only the best cakes for our Buzz family. Our ingredients are sourced fresh from high-quality processing mills.  

Hygiene Standards

Our bakers strictly adhere to the hygiene and sanitary standards prescribed by WHO and FSSAI. We ensure that every cake that leaves our shop is safe to consume and satisfies your taste buds. 

Fresh From The Oven

We don’t believe in stale pastries around here. All of our cakes are prepared fresh as your order comes in. The cake you get delivered today is made today. 

Custom To Your Needs 

We can customise the cake as you need it. Give us a call, and together, we can design and decorate the perfect cake for your occasions. All of our toppings are made by expert patissiers who know a thing or two about cake making.  

The Best Cake Shop in Ganapathy

Looking for the best cake shops in Ganapathy for home delivery? Order cakes that are freshly baked in-house from us.

The Specials 

We make cakes that celebrate the occasion with you. Our novel cakes bring an element of excitement to your parties. 

Pull Me Up Cake

Every little girl dreams about being a princess. This cake brings them closest to their dreams. The Pull-Me-Up cake has a figurine in the middle around which the cake is stacked. The figurine has a large skirt with a plastic sheet wrapped around it. A glaze or sauce is poured into the plastic wrap. And when it comes time to cut the cake, just lift the wrapper to see the magic happen. 

Bomb Cake 

A cake delivered to you in a cardboard box is old style. Why not have the container explode open to reveal the cake? That’s just what the bomb cake does. Light the wick and watch as the bomb splits open. 

Piñata Cake

The Piñata Cake is a hollow chocolate shell. This discreet “cake” holds secrets inside. Strike the cake with a mallet to reveal more treasures inside. We fill the cake with chocolates and other treats that you want. You can customise the flavour of the cake and the treats you want inside. 

The Savouries Store

Our short eats are just what you need when your 4 pm hunger hits. Our savouries section has homemade loaves of bread, sandwiches, cutlets and more. Leave it to Cake Buzz to fulfil all of your celebration needs. We also have sandwich combos that cater to all of your cravings. 

Celebrations With Cake Buzz

Celebrating your birthday when the clock strikes 12 is a special treat. But buying it the previous day means you’ll have to compromise on quality. That’s why we do midnight cake delivery. You can celebrate your special person’s birthday with a fresh cake. Just call us on our number to place your midnight order. 

We are also available on Zomato. Order your cake online to celebrate your special day with CakeBuzz. You can choose from our list of flavours, including Black Forest Cake, White Forest Cake, Red Velvet Cake, etc. 


1) How does Cake Buzz deliver my cake? 

We have delivery both through Cake Buzz delivery as well as through Zomato. For Midnight Cake delivery, contact Cake Buzz directly. 

2) When do I have to order my cake? 

We recommend that you order your cake one day in advance, especially if you want customized decorations. You can order your cake online with same-day delivery available. 

3) What regions do you deliver cakes too? 

We deliver fresh cakes in Ganapathy. You can also opt for store pick-up. Our stores are located in Ramanathapuram, Singanallur, and Ganapathy.